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Last night I attended the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society’s Voters Preview Party as an animal communicator. The event was part of (now a 6 year tradition) of holding a competition to build animal habitats such as dog houses, cat houses etc. and then auctioning them off with the proceeds going to support the animals. This the second year that Peter Wilson the director of humane services has had me as a special guest. I provided animal readings throughout the evening for attendees.

Thursday evening Heidi (my wife) was reading a bedtime story to our two girls. Before starting to read to them she nearly pulled out an old Golden Book “Lassie”. She didn’t read it, but it kind of “jumped” out at her. The next day prior to getting dressed for the event that evening, I pulled up the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society’s web site and noticed that they had another special guest coming to the event this year, it was none other then Jon Provost who played Timmy on the TV show “Lassie”.

Heidi had enjoyed watching the show when she was a kid and I had not had much access to TV while growing up, but still that it would be cool to meet him. As it turned out, his wife Laurie Jacobson and I had much to discuss as she is an author who has written a book on haunted Hollywood! She and I shared ghost stories while Heidi and Jon connected over the show and she had him sign her Golden Book. It was a real pleasure connecting with them.

As the attendees started to arrive I returned to the location that had been set aside for me to do readings and Heidi assisted by answering peoples questions, managing the line and reminding me when people’s time was up. It was very busy and looking back on it, it surprises even me, that I am able to provide readings in such a noisy and busy atmosphere. Time flew by, it felt like as soon as I sat down that it was time to go.

This next week Heidi and I will be at the Gala Auction and Dinner Fundraiser. For more info and tickets, visit the link below.

Not too long ago one of my favorite actresses appeared on one of the late shows on TV. I was interested to see what the interview was going to be like and was shocked and disappointed when she bombed during the interview. She clearly was far more looks then brains and it was almost painful to watch. My wife, Heidi gave me quite a bit of grief over it and I retorted that it was not always the case that looks can come with brains as demonstrated by Christina Applegate.

Imagine my surprise when she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman this last week. She came on to promote her show “Samantha Who”. During the interview Christina told Letterman that she had just purchased a beach house. Letterman asked Applegate how that was going for her and what was she doing? and Christina told him that she had gotten into sea glass hunting and collecting. She then coined a “new” phrase as far as I was concerned, for sea glass hunting, she called it “seaglunking“. Seaglunking, I had never heard that name for it before, I suspect that she has been doing a little Extreme Beach Combing of her own.

Christina Applegate had gone into great detail about how she enjoyed solving the New York Times crossword puzzles and based upon her discussion with David Letterman, it would be safe to assume that she is more then just good looks.

Here is a link to a clip of the interview, she talks about sea glass about 1:34 into the clip.

As I provide guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursions I am thinking about contacting her and asking her if she would like to go collecting with me some time. I will guarantee her a piece of red sea glass, just like I did on the Travel Channel’s show “Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter”. You can still catch the show in re-airings. I was on an episode entitled “Treasures of the Deep”.

The last few days have been so busy that I really haven’t had much time to write. Several interesting readings have taken place and that’s not all. Our printer that had been in faithful service for several years finally bit the dust. Sunday I purchased the Brother MFC-490CW Printer/Copier/Fax and more … so far so good. The rest of Sunday was spent working on printing and shipping sea glass and drill bit orders for my By the Bay Treasures business.

Monday began with a reading at 10:00 AM. I finished up my shipping duties and prepared for the reading I was about to do. The very first thing that came to me, was that the reading was about a relationship. I placed my call at five till and began by describing how I work as a psychic medium. I then told her to not tell me anything about what the reading was for, I then told her that I believed the intent was to provide information regarding a relationship. She immediately said “no” that is not it. I then proceeded to provide an example of how if you wanted me to look at your career, that it was best for you to simply say “Take a look at my career.” instead of “I work for (company x) and want to know if I will be receiving the transfer I applied for?”

She then told me that was exactly what she wanted me to take a look at. So then I asked her if she had a connection to the automotive field. She said “No.” I then asked  if she had a connection to automotive loans. She once again said “No.” I then asked if she was somehow connected to the legal field when it came to contracts, loans etc., once again I was met with a “No.” At this point I informed her that there was something there and that we would come back to it at a later time.

I then pin pointed the type of work she was involved in and after being able to shed light on her present occupation and what her true calling and passion were, she asked me another question. This time she wanted to know if I could connect with living people and read them. Now, in some cases I simply will not read the person, but each situation is different and in this one I immediately saw that the person I was being asked about was furious.

There was a direct connection between the person she was asking about and a failed relationship and an issue with loan documents for a vehicle. It all came together at the end.

I was born in Rogue River, Oregon and after a relatively uneventful first two years, (not that I remember them) my brother was born. Life was good, I was the child of a couple of hippies and there was no public school and … no TV. When not attending to schoolwork or chores my brother and I, could be found hiking around the thousands of acres of forest land that we lived within.

I spent most of my childhood near or on the Oregon coast. Florence, Coosbay, Tillamook and the small towns in between was where I spent the early years of my life. Soon after being born my parents moved to a commune between the coast and Eugene. I then recall our family living in a farmhouse close to where the commune was. When I was about five we moved to a tiny whistle-stop of a town, so small it has since been erased off of the map. It was here that my first brush with my future would occur, a future I would only find out about twenty-seven years later.

Canary was a very small community near the coast south of Florence and here our post office and barber shop were one and the same. Around five years old I began experiencing intense flying dreams where I would find myself running from the top of the driveway all the way down towards the house, but I never would make it all the way down the driveway. At some point I ceased running and simply was flying over the house and the adjacent woods. Soon I found that in order to fly in my dreams that I simply need to rock back and forth very quickly, as if on a swing where I would swing back and forth faster and faster until I was airborne … no, more as if I was laying down on my back and rocking back and forth until I would simply float up, roll over and fly off.

The dreams were very vivid and I would often find myself doing some extensive exploring of the woods. One night I dreamt of a cabin in the woods with an apple tree in front and it was very detailed. The following day my brother and I went hiking. We ended up in an unfamiliar part of the woods and I soon began to make out landmarks from my dream. We came into a bit of a clearing and just as I had seen in my dream, there was this abandoned cabin with an apple tree in front. The place was in complete disrepair and seemed to have been there for well over twenty, thirty or more years.

We lived in a double wide mobile home and though it was no Taj Mahal, we called it home and loved it. We had over six acres of beautiful forest land within the mountainous coastal region of Oregon. The rivers and streams were teeming with wildlife. With the help of a backhoe, a caterpillar and a drilling rig, we turned that place into a homestead. Fruit trees were planted, gardens were seeded and grass was sown. Life was good, I had two great parents who though not exactly conventional, did the best they could.

My Father was raised Pentecostal while my Mother was raised Catholic. Dad went into seminary school while Mom attended Catholic School. After they both became disillusioned regarding their respective faiths, they broke with convention and struck out on their own. It was the late sixties and what a time to be angry at the establishment, they rebelled and ended up finding each other in a health food store and bookshop in Mount Shasta, California. Soon after they discovered the Eastern gurus.

They found one particular guru who they seemed to resonate with and for the next several years I would find myself singing songs in a language that I did not understand when attending the Thursday night meetings with fellow devotees. This was a confusing time in my life and not an easy one, not many of the other kids understood my parents faith, let alone myself, I just wanted to be “normal”.

As a child my parents owned a natural food candy bar company. They would print little sayings and inspirational quotes on the backs of their labels, so that the person eating it would not only have his body nourished, but perhaps his mind and his soul. Speaking of souls, When about six years old I recall seeing what I thought to be the ghost of a fur trapper. In our home.

We had a walk in closet that had been converted into a prayer room. We had a heavy piece of fabric that functioned as a door. It was located in the middle of the hallway which connected my Father’s office, our bedroom, a bathroom and prayer room with the living room.

One day while in our room, my brother and I thought we saw a shadowy figure walk from the bathroom into the prayer room. After a few more sightings, I asked Mom if she saw anything. She replied that she did not and then added that such things did not exist. I was a bit puzzled at her reply since I had sworn that I seen him, as did my brother. I don’t recall much else about it, though I do recollect his appearance in great detail. He had a coonskin hat on with buckskins, the kind with the fringe. He had a long rifle slung over his back and seemed to be carrying a Bowie knife in his right hand. He held his knife at the ready and was hunched over as if trying to sneak up on someone.

Around this time I suppressed my abilities, it was not a conscious decision, but rather a choice I made subconsciously. After being rebuked by my parents a few times when I had approached them regarding unexplained occurrences, I stopped mentioning them and they seemed to stop on their own accord. It was not until many years later that I would understand my childhood.

On Monday the 10th of December, 2007 I booked a reading for the coming Friday on the 14th scheduled to take place at 1pm. The week leading up to the reading I had several other readings and each of them went very well. Thanks to my connection with spirit, I was dropping names, getting dates, ages, descriptions and much more and was feeling very confident going into this particular reading.

About 10 minutes prior to the reading I prepared for the reading by playing a singing bowl and lighting a candle and

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

meditating. At 5 minutes prior to 1pm I called my appointment and began the reading. She asked about connecting with two individuals who had passed. I wrote down their names and then invited them to join us for a conversation. I then saw a boy who appeared to be about 10 years old and I saw a man who looked to be in his early 40s. He had a wiry dark brown nearly black beard that was pretty full and was wearing a jumpsuit or uniform, maybe overalls or something. The lady whom I was giving the reading to, indicated that I was not even close to describing anyone whom she knew.

Then I heard the name Virginia and asked her if it meant anything to her, she asked, “the place or the name?” I replied, “the place“ and once again she said that she had no idea of what I was talking about. Then I saw a lovely tree lined lane with very large trees, they were hardwoods of some type, maybe maples or something similar. I asked if a tree lined lane meant anything to her, once again the answer was no. Then I asked her about a gray cross. She said that she had crosses in her home, but none of them were gray and the one I saw was large enough to be a grave marker. Then I felt as though my left arm was being amputated and asked her about that, again she said that it meant nothing to her.

Tree Lined Lane

Tree Lined Lane

At this point I felt as though I was being blocked. I had gone all week, make that over two years at the time of this reading and not once had a reading gone that poorly for me. We were a half hour into the reading that had been scheduled for an hour in duration. I asked her if she had made anybody on the other side mad, again she said no. It was almost as if I had a shroud on my head when it came to attempting to connect with any information concerning her reading. I did have information come through, but I had no idea what it was connected to. 

I informed her that I would be willing to reschedule the reading and that there would be no fee for the aborted reading that had just transpired. We agreed to a new time and date and ended the call. Then I received an email the email contained no other information then the following.

Field Hospital - Savage Station

Field Hospital - Savage Station

I have a question. My house has paranormal activity. Sometimes it’s very disconcerting while other times I just accept it. It’s sometimes upsetting for my children. I feel the need to know what and who it is and why there are here. Are you able to help with this?



I wrote her back that I would be happy to assist her and then provided her my contact information. A few minutes passed and she called me and I proceeded to tell her how I had just crossed someone earlier that week and that this was an area that I was familiar with. Then all of a sudden I saw a battle raging right where she was living. I then told her that I saw her in the middle of a battlefield and she surprised me by replying that she already knew that. I then asked her where she lived and she said that she lived in Virginia! I then asked her about a tree lined lane and sure enough she lives on one, as I had described in my prior reading. I asked about a gray cross and it turns out that they live right next to an old cemetery and they also live next to where there used to be a field hospital during the civil war.

I then described the boy to her and she confirmed that she had a 10 year old son and he fit the description I had just provided, and not only that, but the man whom I had described in the prior reading fit the description of the ghost in the closet of the boys room. Just that week the boy had described the soldier in his room that would stare at him out of curiosity from time to time in such vivid detail that it had her convinced that she was not crazy since her son was seeing and feeling things as well.

I picked up on dozens of ghosts and spirits in the vicinity as many battles had been fought there. Thousands had fought and died there and many had stayed behind, a sentinel, a witness and a reminder of the atrocities that had taken place on that soil, not so many years before. And then I saw him, there was one soul among the others who was far darker and more enveloped in sorrow then any I had seen in some time. The lady with the home on the battlefield confirmed that both her and her son had felt his presence and though not frightening, it was unsettling.

Civil War Soldiers

Civil War Soldiers

As I spoke with him, he opened up and revealed what had made him so dark. He had been a field surgeon and he felt responsible for the lives that had been lost under his watch. He had performed dozens upon dozens of amputations if not hundreds of them and many of the soldiers died while under his knife. He was having trouble facing the families of those who had perished under his care. I helped him to understand that he was still loved and that his family was waiting for him on the other side. Several family members of soldiers whom had died under his knife came through and let him know that they felt no ill will towards him. After it became clear to him as to how it was time to move on, he quickly rejoined his family by crossing over.

Right after the crossing, I called back my reading from before and informed her of what had just transpired.

Not too long ago I had a person call me who had concerns about ghosts. This person said that she was seeing ghosts around her house and now her whole family was starting to see things. She was a little concerned about it and so while asking a friend what she should do, she was given my number.

She called me and while I was chatting with her I saw several individuals with her, but none of them stepped forward to chat. We set the appointment and that was that.

Transformers Movie Poster

Transformers Movie Poster

The night prior to my stopping by to see about her little ghost problem, my wife Heidi and I sat down to watch a movie and settle in for the evening. Almost as soon as we sat down we were joined by a ghost. He had a very cold presence and sat down on the couch between the two of us. The couch seemed to sag a little bit when he sat down. Right away I began to smell hydraulic fluid, grease and even jet fuel. The smell was overwhelming, it was like being in a mechanics shop, or a tarmac at military base. I got a sense of large equipment and that perhaps he was a mechanic, but not with cars.

We were watching Transformers and every time that a soldier would come on the screen I got

Navy Flight Deck

Navy Flight Deck

a blast of energy from him. He made it clear that he had at one time been in the military. Then one of the female leads in the movie announces that she grew up working on cars and once again I got the feeling that he was connected to the role of mechanic.

As soon as we felt his presence, I “saw” him. He was over six foot, white, brown hair that was receding, skinny and with an almost gaunt look. His stomach hurt real bad and I sensed he had died of stomach cancer. There was an issue with his foot and or leg as well.

I asked him what he was stopping by for and he indicated that he was connected to a reading I was doing tomorrow. I thanked him for dropping by and then he proceeded to watch the entire movie with us before departing himself.

The following day I went to the address of my walk-through and as I walked in the door I described the events of the prior evening. Immediately they knew who he was and after a long conversation with him, everything was resolved. It was the woman’s uncle and he was unhappy with the way things were handled after his passing. He had been a mechanic in the military and had died of stomach cancer. He fit the description to a “T”. There was more, but not that I can reveal here. Since that visit I have not heard from him nor her and one must assume that he has crossed on over to the other side.

Bond Certificate

Bond Certificate

Many times those with unfinished business will attempt to “right things” before they cross over and continue their journey. On several occasions I have assisted with bringing closure after a sudden death. In one case I had a gentleman ask if I might know where a number of stock and bond certificates had been stashed and now that his father had passed, he needed to know where they were before selling the house. His father gave me a name to pass along to his son, it turned out that this person was best friends with his father. Now the problem was that the person who I was doing the reading for had had an argument with this very gentleman quite recently. They were fighting over where to hold the wake.


John Muir w/ Quote

John Muir w/ Quote

Yesterday I had a reading that will I will remember for some time due to several reasons. The reading was for the specific intent of obtaining some closure with a few animal companions whom had passed. The reading began and the first animal, a wonderful dog, came through. He related how he loved and missed his human companion and how he was quite happy and well on the other side. My favorite part was where the dog showed me the pick up truck he used to take trips in with the rounded mud flaps that was from the late 1930s. 

After the dog came through, another dog came through and related many details specific to her and it was a very happy reunion with many tears of joy and remembrance on both sides. Then a gentleman appeared who had a very full beard, a big head of hair and made it very clear to me that he was connected to conservation. He kept showing me a stand of redwood trees named after him and adding that he had lived just across the water from where I live in Benicia. That mean’t that he lived in Martinez at some point in his life. By then it was clear who he was, it was John Muir. Now why would John Muir stop by and come through during the reading?

1937 Ford Truck

1937 Ford Truck

The message was for the person who I was giving the reading to. John told me to tell her that he wanted to support her and offer her inspiriation. John wanted her to learn about his life and not so much follow in his footsteps, but to pay attention to his way of doing things and his philosophy. In essence he was offering to assist her as a spirit guide as he has lessons she can learn from him at this time. She was grateful, but a little puzzled as to why he had chosen her, though she resonated with what he was saying. The reading continued with several additional animals coming through and before long was concluded.

A few hours later I received an email with some additional confirmations connected to the reading I had given earlier in the day during which John Muir had made an appearance. The woman who had received the reading had started reading a book by Emanuel Swedenborg called Heaven and Earth, just the night before. John Muir had several of Swedenborg’s books in his library. Swedenborg was a scientist who turned into a mystic and who began to have dreams and visions. He even began channeling spirits and makeing statements which only someone with psychic abilities would have been able to do. He attempted to find the connection between the physical world of matter and the spirit world of energy. In any event it was a nice confirmation that John Muir had indeed stopped by.

Charles peden on Radio Alice 97.3 FM San Francisco

Charles Peden on Radio Alice 97.3 FM San Francisco

One of my favorite readings happened soon after one of my Radio appearances. I had been a guest on the “Sarah & No Name” morning show on Radio Alice 97.3 FM in San Francisco. As I was leaving the studios, my wife called to tell me that my email in box was overflowing with new emails. When I got home I had well over 75 new emails as a result of my on air appearance. One of the first readings I booked from those emails I will never forget.

A woman who had requested that I contact her Grandfather was listening intently as I told her that it would be just a moment before something started coming through. All of a sudden I blurted out “blue thunderbird” having no idea what that was a reference to, she jumped in and said that was his car. I then told her “well he just pulled up” and then she asked if Grandma was with him.

Blue Thunderbird

Blue Thunderbird

I telepathically relayed the question to him, to which he replied “What, that old bag … yea, she wit me.” Taken aback somewhat I then told him (once again telepathically) that I could not relay such a message as it simply was not polite. He then told me, “You listen here Sonny, you deliver the message as I intended … ya hear!”

Having no choice but to honor his wishes I then relayed the message exactly as he intended me to. Upon hearing his message, the woman proclaimed “Grandpa!” as if him pulling up in his blue Thunderbird was not enough!

It just goes to show you that our personalities remain intact even after leaving our physical body.

Spirit guides, are a source of much confusion and there are several myths about them. I have found the following to be true as a result of my own personal experiences. Spirit guides are very real, just as real as you and I. They can come and go throughout our lives. Some are ones that we know through past lives, others we know from this life and they have passed before us, while some we only know from our time on the other side. Spirit guides can be personalized, as in we may request specific guides to come in and assist us with special projects etc., within our lives. For example, if you wished to become a better artist and you really admired a particular painter who had passed, it is possible that he may come to you in spirit and influence and inspire your work.

When I was in the process of awakening to my abilities, one of my primary guides came in and introduced himself. He made it very clear as to who he was/is and why he was working with me. They actually “talk” to me and I can understand them as if they were speaking in plain English to me. Case in point … I had been trying to stop by this building in our town that was rumored to be haunted. Still in the early stages of my awakening I wanted to see what other spirits felt like and not just the ghost in our home, I wanted to see if I could tell the ghosts apart just based upon the feeling I felt in their presence.

Each time I had stopped by the building was closed and locked up. One day while leaving the Post Office I was driving in front of the Police Station and got in the left hand turn lane, I heard a very clear voice tell me to turn right. Now, it’s against the law to do so and I was in front of the police station … again the voice said to turn right. I voiced my concern about the law and was told that I would be fine. I quickly turned right and proceeded in the direction of the building that had been closed each time I had tried to stop by. This time the doors were wide open.

I parked and went inside. While in there I met several ghosts and one of the caretakers. They gave me a tour of the building, while in the basement I asked what the smoke smell was. The caretaker did not smell anything and told me there was no odor of smoke. I still could smell it, so strongly that I felt that I would have to change my clothes before walking into my home. Then the caretaker informed me that back in 1912 the place had nearly burned to the ground. That explained the smell of the smoke.

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich

Thanks to my spirit guide telling me to turn right I had quite the experience. Another time I was at my folks, they have a recording studio and I was sitting at the drums. I enjoy playing, but I have never had any lessons. I wanted to pick up some pointers and asked my step father who he thought was a good drummer who had passed. He named several names, most I did not recognize. I placed a call out to them and asked one of them to please give me a lesson. After a few moments I felt a spirit come into the room and then I picked up the drum sticks. I held them differently then I usually do and started to bang out a beat that was new to me. My step dad poked his head in and told me that I sounded just like one of the drummers whose names he had given me to call upon.

James Dean

James Dean

In another case, I was relaxing in my home one afternoon when at the end of my dining table I saw a gentleman with a motorcycle. He was wearing a leather jacket, not a biker style but more like James Dean. He had a helmet under his arm and an Indian motorcycle. I asked him who he was and he said that he knew my mom. I asked how and he said that he went to college with her. Later that day I related the story about the person who had stopped by with his motorcycle, claiming to know her. After a few seconds it dawned on her who he was, but she wanted to know why was he stopping by? He told me that he was one of her guides. I relayed the message and then my mom confessed that three days prior she had asked to be introduced to her guides. It turned out that he gave her a tour of the east coast on the back of his motorcycle and acted as a guide in “real” life for her and was continuing to do so from the other side.

It’s important to remember that guides are in most cases simply spirits on the other side who have the ability to see the forest while we are are often times stuck in the trees. They will not meddle, and if you ignore them long enough they will stop trying to get through to you as much, but if you invite their help and create a relationship with them, they can help you greatly. They are not here to do the work for you, but to simply show you how to work smarter and not harder.

Native American

Native American

Something I have been told by several guides is that they assist more then one individual here on earth. Many times guides will work together, just as there are many ways that we make friends here and there are many types of friends, the same can be said of guides. Native Americans often times are guides simply because we have been conditioned to believe that the Native Americans were very spiritual people, even if we ourselves do not have any of their blood running through our veins, it makes no difference for they are here to assist in bringing about the greater good.

It is silly for people to get caught up in the number of guides they have etc., as that number changes as conditions in our life change. Guides are essentially teachers and once they are done with teaching you their lesson and you have taken what you can from them, they may move on, only to be replaced by another guide.

There are many excellent guided meditations out there to assist you with connecting to your own guides and you can also see a medium in order to meet them. It’s true that unless you are already able to fully communicate with spirit that it is a good idea to have your guide/s described by more then one medium, though they may describe different ones depending upon the circumstances in your life at that moment. One subject I did not get into with relation to guides is animal guides. We all have animal guides that assist us too, I will discuss them more at length in another posting.

Skull found after asking for a sign.

Skull found after asking for a sign.

During the early part of my awakening I was torn between continuing to dedicate all of my energy towards my “day job” or if I was meant to work with spirit. One day while kayaking I was meditating on my dilemma and asked for a sign. I made a formal request that a sign be shown to me. I lay back on my kayak and allowed the currents to carry me. After some time I drifted near shore and pulled my kayak up onto the bank of the strait I was kayaking in.

For a “day job” I collect sea glass and sell it all over the world, Kayaking for me is part of “work” and it is one of the ways that I access difficult to access beaches so that I may find the really good stuff. As I pulled my kayak up onto the shoreline and set it down I noticed a skull sitting amongst the rocks along the high tide line. It was fired clay, handmade and looked as though it could have been a gear shift on a muscle car, though it had no threads etc., I picked it up and brought it home. To me it really was a very clear sign that I was supposed to work with the spirits of those who are no longer with us.

Purple Martin

Purple Martin

On another occasion I was in the middle of performing a reading when the person I was doing the reading for asked me if her father was trying to connect with her. He had passed several years prior and she wanted to see a sign that he was watching out for her from the other side. I then asked her about three different types of birds. She said that she had seen them over the past several months. I then asked if her father was a bird watcher and she said “no” she was the bird watcher. Then I had to tell her about a little thing that happened just before the reading.

I had gone to the corner store and while walking on the sidewalk on my return to my home, I saw a little bird. The bird, a Martin, flew up in the air and then landed about eight feet ahead of me on the sidewalk. He would stand there looking at me and not moving as I approached him, just as I was almost upon him, he would jump up in the air and fly another eight feet out in front of me and land on the sidewalk again. He did this three times, the last time he stood his ground as I came within a foot of him and as I passed him I looked back and asked him if he wanted something from me. He told me that he had already delivered the message, thinking it was odd, but not too weird I continued home and then began the reading.

After sharing the story about the Martin the woman exclaimed that it must have been a sign since her father was from Martinsville. Sure enough he had employed a Martin to let her know that he was watching out for her. So now when she is bird watching and witnesses an odd behaviour, she knows that the odds are that her father is sending her a message that he is there and watching over her.

Signs come in many forms, and sometimes they are quite obscure. In order to make sense of them, sometimes it is helpful to inform the spirit whom you wish to receive a sign from, how you would like to get a sign from them, that way there is less guess work involved and it makes it easier for both parties involved.

March 2009