About a year after discovering my abilities as a psychic medium, I discovered an ability to communicate with live animals. On January 24 of 2006 I had my abilities revealed through a meeting with a ghost in our home. Four months later I had gone from complete skeptic to providing readings for the public at a local metaphysical book store. The first day I had eight readings back to back and had never been given one myself. One of the readings involved a black lab that came through named Shadow. He had died about two years prior and I took it all in stride.

For the next year I never tried to communicate with live animals and did even know it was possible. Having no background in the paranormal or metaphysical and having no friends who had an interest in such things, I was not aware that animal communication was possible. I even recall a trip to the San Francisco Zoo where my wife told me that the animals were trying to talk to her and I played it off as if it was only the spirits of past animals. Like I said, a complete skeptic.

Around February of 2007 I discovered that you really can speak to live animals. I was in the middle of doing a reading and I was on the phone with a woman in Chicago. I had read for her before and had brought her father through a few times. This time as we got started and I asked her what she wanted me to focus on, she simply told me to pick up what was around her.

I began to describe a cat, one that looked much like Morris, but a little bit different. He told me that his name was morris-the-catMaury and that he used to perch just outside her bedroom window for several weeks before moving in. For the next 15 minutes the cat kept up a steady stream of commentary on his life, her life, etc., and then it happened. I told her that I was sorry for asking, but I couldn’t pick up how he had passed and would she mind sharing what had happened. She told me that he was with her, and thinking that she was talking about his spirit I replied, “yes, I can feel his presence with you, but seriously, how did he pass, I can’t figure it out.” She then told me that he was alive and purring and that he was on her lap. I was shocked! I could speak with live animals even if I did not know what they looked like and they would go so far as to describe themselves to me.

After the reading was done, I called a person who I knew in Texas. I knew she had animals, but knew nothing about her animals. I asked her if she had an animal that she wanted me to talk to. She said sure, check on Frankie. I said “What, your rat tail terrier, the little black guy?” and she said “yes, check on him.” I then told her about how he was picked on by the other dogs and how he was low man on the totem pole. The dog told me that there was seven of them and then he told me that he had been injured. I felt a sharp pain in the right side of my chest. I told her to check him for an injury, she checked and found a puncture mark from one of the other dogs nipping him on the right side of his chest.

Since then I have gone on to provide my services as an animal communicator for Wag Hotels, a high end dog and cat hotel, where I worked the two day grand opening of their San Francisco location and I have been featured on TV, in print and on the radio as an animal communicator. At the end of the month I will be once again providing individuals an opportunity to connect with their animals at the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society Fundraiser, Barkitecture VI, Voters Preview Party on March 27th.

One of the most profound experiences I have had is kayaking with Humpback Whales and having them very clearly inform me of their intentions. I have had many funny experiences with talking to fish and having them describe their perspective on things. Recently while on a kayaking trip I met a seagull who took a liking to me. By the second trip out to the island in as many days, I had him sitting for his photo, and allowing me to pet him. I did not use food to entice him and I was not eating myself. Though at one point after he and I became friends, I did start to feed him sand fleas from my hand. I was searching for sea glass on an isolated beach.

Since discovering my ability to speak with living animals I have had to give up meat and that includes fish. The last time I tried to eat meat, I nearly gagged and felt as though I would become violently ill. I can feel the emotions and physical sensations that ran through the animal as they were being killed and that simply makes it impossible to enjoy a steak or anything else that came from an animal. I understand that animals do eat each other, but as a communicator between the species I feel that I different standards to live by, it’s kind of like a pact with them and in exchange all I ask is that the Great White Sharks who live in the waters I kayak and swim in, will leave me alone.