Not too long ago a new means of communication was revealed to me. The messages began with me getting a song stuck in my head, sometimes the songs were not familiar to me, though through a little research, with me searching on-line for songs that matched the lyrics that I had streaming into my head I would be able to identify them. One of the first such communications went something like this…

My wife and I were about to settle down for an evening on the couch watching a movie and spending some quality time together. We had a few movies to choose from and since I did not feel like watching a dud, I logged onto in order to check out the movies reviews. While reading the reviews I saw an ad for “Milk” starring Sean Penn. It said that it was an Oscar worthy performance. I clicked on the link and checked out the rest of the reviews for the film, they were by and large quite favorable. Thinking no more of it, I logged off the computer and sat down to watch the film we had decided upon.

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk

Later that evening I began to pick up on a song running through my mind. I thought that it sounded like Duffy, though I was not familiar with the particular song. By the time the movie was over we were tired and retired for the evening. The following day I was very busy with work and ignored the song that was stuck in my mind. By the time the third day rolled around I had to do something about it. I sat down and asked if the song was a message from a spirit. I got a yes well, kind of … in response and then after a few seconds I realized who our guest was. It was Harvey Milk. I was somewhat surprised since I had not asked to connect with him, he had appeared on his own free will.

My wife and I logged on to and looked up all of the Duffy videos. It took about three tries before we found the right song. The song was “Stepping Stone”. The lyrics made no sense and I was baffled. The video appeared to be unrelated as well and I thought that perhaps I had it all wrong. As I turned away from the screen and took my eyes off of the music video, my wife called my attention back to the screen.

There, about three quarters of the way through the video was a sequence at 2:15 into it, with Duffy walking down an empty sidewalk. All you see near her is the walls of the building next to her and the empty street and sidewalk. And then I saw it, in her hand is a large jug of milk and she is strolling down the sidewalk taking swigs of milk. At that moment I began laughing … what a sense of humor.

Now spirits know that I am used to using music and music videos as a means of communicating and so it happens with some frequency. It is quite entertaining and a lot of fun.