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Last night I attended the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society’s Voters Preview Party as an animal communicator. The event was part of (now a 6 year tradition) of holding a competition to build animal habitats such as dog houses, cat houses etc. and then auctioning them off with the proceeds going to support the animals. This the second year that Peter Wilson the director of humane services has had me as a special guest. I provided animal readings throughout the evening for attendees.

Thursday evening Heidi (my wife) was reading a bedtime story to our two girls. Before starting to read to them she nearly pulled out an old Golden Book “Lassie”. She didn’t read it, but it kind of “jumped” out at her. The next day prior to getting dressed for the event that evening, I pulled up the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society’s web site and noticed that they had another special guest coming to the event this year, it was none other then Jon Provost who played Timmy on the TV show “Lassie”.

Heidi had enjoyed watching the show when she was a kid and I had not had much access to TV while growing up, but still that it would be cool to meet him. As it turned out, his wife Laurie Jacobson and I had much to discuss as she is an author who has written a book on haunted Hollywood! She and I shared ghost stories while Heidi and Jon connected over the show and she had him sign her Golden Book. It was a real pleasure connecting with them.

As the attendees started to arrive I returned to the location that had been set aside for me to do readings and Heidi assisted by answering peoples questions, managing the line and reminding me when people’s time was up. It was very busy and looking back on it, it surprises even me, that I am able to provide readings in such a noisy and busy atmosphere. Time flew by, it felt like as soon as I sat down that it was time to go.

This next week Heidi and I will be at the Gala Auction and Dinner Fundraiser. For more info and tickets, visit the link below.

Not too long ago one of my favorite actresses appeared on one of the late shows on TV. I was interested to see what the interview was going to be like and was shocked and disappointed when she bombed during the interview. She clearly was far more looks then brains and it was almost painful to watch. My wife, Heidi gave me quite a bit of grief over it and I retorted that it was not always the case that looks can come with brains as demonstrated by Christina Applegate.

Imagine my surprise when she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman this last week. She came on to promote her show “Samantha Who”. During the interview Christina told Letterman that she had just purchased a beach house. Letterman asked Applegate how that was going for her and what was she doing? and Christina told him that she had gotten into sea glass hunting and collecting. She then coined a “new” phrase as far as I was concerned, for sea glass hunting, she called it “seaglunking“. Seaglunking, I had never heard that name for it before, I suspect that she has been doing a little Extreme Beach Combing of her own.

Christina Applegate had gone into great detail about how she enjoyed solving the New York Times crossword puzzles and based upon her discussion with David Letterman, it would be safe to assume that she is more then just good looks.

Here is a link to a clip of the interview, she talks about sea glass about 1:34 into the clip.

As I provide guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursions I am thinking about contacting her and asking her if she would like to go collecting with me some time. I will guarantee her a piece of red sea glass, just like I did on the Travel Channel’s show “Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter”. You can still catch the show in re-airings. I was on an episode entitled “Treasures of the Deep”.

The last few days have been so busy that I really haven’t had much time to write. Several interesting readings have taken place and that’s not all. Our printer that had been in faithful service for several years finally bit the dust. Sunday I purchased the Brother MFC-490CW Printer/Copier/Fax and more … so far so good. The rest of Sunday was spent working on printing and shipping sea glass and drill bit orders for my By the Bay Treasures business.

Monday began with a reading at 10:00 AM. I finished up my shipping duties and prepared for the reading I was about to do. The very first thing that came to me, was that the reading was about a relationship. I placed my call at five till and began by describing how I work as a psychic medium. I then told her to not tell me anything about what the reading was for, I then told her that I believed the intent was to provide information regarding a relationship. She immediately said “no” that is not it. I then proceeded to provide an example of how if you wanted me to look at your career, that it was best for you to simply say “Take a look at my career.” instead of “I work for (company x) and want to know if I will be receiving the transfer I applied for?”

She then told me that was exactly what she wanted me to take a look at. So then I asked her if she had a connection to the automotive field. She said “No.” I then asked  if she had a connection to automotive loans. She once again said “No.” I then asked if she was somehow connected to the legal field when it came to contracts, loans etc., once again I was met with a “No.” At this point I informed her that there was something there and that we would come back to it at a later time.

I then pin pointed the type of work she was involved in and after being able to shed light on her present occupation and what her true calling and passion were, she asked me another question. This time she wanted to know if I could connect with living people and read them. Now, in some cases I simply will not read the person, but each situation is different and in this one I immediately saw that the person I was being asked about was furious.

There was a direct connection between the person she was asking about and a failed relationship and an issue with loan documents for a vehicle. It all came together at the end.

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