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Yesterday I had a few very interesting things take place during a reading. I had been contacted with a request for a reading a few days ago and the woman who I had read for before, informed me that she had recently learned that she had some Native American or Indian blood in her. One of her relatives had after a glass or two of wine revealed a family secret that her great grandmother was half Native American. Now, the woman wanted to try and connect with the Indian who had been the father of one of her relatives.

With nothing more then a suggestion that he was Cherokee and knowing the name of the woman who had him as a father, I began the reading. After a little bit information began to trickle in. I connected with an American Indian who told me that he had been disowned by his own tribe. He told me that he had been “domesticated” that he did not wear traditional clothing but that he wore white mans clothing. He informed me that he could read and write and was very proud of that fact.

As the reading progressed, more and more details came forward. He told me that he was half French and that he was Osage. He told me that he was a traveling salesman, that he sold medicines and such and had a white partner who was an older man whom had taken him in at an early age. He told me that he met the woman in question when she was 16 and that he was not even aware of the fact that he had gotten her pregnant. He expressed great sorrow and sadness at not being a part of his daughters life and of not being aware of her existence until he had passed.

After a few more minutes with “Manny” the Osage Indian who claimed to be half French, I felt that he had provided all the information that he could that was relevant to the woman I was doing the reading for. I then “saw” a bulb, like that of a crocus or daffodil. I asked my client why was it that I saw a bulb? She told me that she had been given a tulip bulb a year ago and after rummaging through some drawers recently, that she had located it and had decided to place it in water. The tulip then told me that he was ready to be planted in soil and that the water he was in got too hot for him. She confirmed that he was on a window sill in direct sun and was in a clear vase that could easily overheat in the direct sunlight. The tulip then told me that there was a tub that was 8 inches tall and which had a cornflower blue color to it, he said that he wanted to be planted in it. The tulip then added that the build up of dead leaves in the tub was too deep and half of them should be removed. Everything was confirmed!

Just when I thought it was over … I “saw” some cuttings that she had taken, they seemed to be vines of some sort. I asked her about the cuttings she had and told me that she had some ivy cuttings that she had planted in her yard. The ivy then told me that they got no sun and were very unhappy. She confirmed that she had planted them alongside the garage where there was no sun … at any time of day. Then I “saw” a succulent. I asked her if she had a succulent, she said that she used to, but that it had died. She told me that an aloe vera plant that she once owned had died at her hands. The planet was left in direct sun for several days and when she saw that she had burned it a little bit, she had brought it inside and then she had over watered it, drowning it. The aloe plant was very unhappy and told me that he had once been quite large and had been thriving until she screwed up with him. The kicker was that the aloe vera plant had been the prior resident of the cornflower blue tub!

After the reading I was given several additional confirmations. It had been confirmed that the American Indian had gotten the relative pregnant when she was 16. The Osage had contact with the French right around the same time period that Manny would have been born. Traveling medicine salesmen or snake oil salesmen were often Native Americans. A photo of a family member who was a descendant from the woman who was Manny’s daughter bears a striking resemblance to the facial features one would tie to the Osage or other tribes even though he had always claimed that he was a Swede.

So … I guess it’s just a matter of time before I will be appearing at a nursery or garden center near you, providing readings on your plants. Plants are living things too and they too can communicate with us. Many years ago “The Secret Life of Plants” was published, it is still a good read. I have heard of gardens in places like Ireland that are cared for by intuitive gardners who “talk” with the plants to know how best to care for them.

When I first began to really understand just how easy it is to connect with those who have passed, I thought to myself … unsolved crimes should be easy to solve if you can speak with the victims and the loved ones of the victims who are already on the other side. Now after having been involved in a few high profile missing persons cases and other cases where my abilities have been requested, I have this to say about it.

Solving crimes and missing person cases as well as missing pet cases can be benefited by the use of a psychic, but only if the conditions are right and the authorities, victims family and most importantly the psychic, understand the limitations and difficulties involved in diverting resources to follow down leads with no “hard” evidence. The first thing that must be done, is establishing some understanding of the process and having someone close to the case, either an investigator or a family member “test” the psychic.

Testing a psychic does not involve something like you asking them random off case questions or having them guess what object is in your left hand, naming your pets or anything else of that nature. Rather they should be asked to connect with the person who is missing or someone else close to the family in spirit such as a relative who has passed. In some cases this is where the psychics involvement with the case will end. If there is no connection with any verifiable information which would have been impossible to know in advance and if the psychic fails to connect with anyone, there is nothing that person can do to assist.

On the other hand if several details are brought through either about the victim or missing person and they are confirmed then it is important to ask the spirits coming through, if they have information that they would like to pass along to assist in bringing about closure. Many times at that point, unless there is some other grand plan in the works that is yet to be revealed to us, the psychic should begin receiving information which is of benefit to those working to solve the case.

Psychics, should in my opinion, refrain from soliciting cases in order to make a name for themselves or for the intent of collecting reward monies that may be offered. I do not believe that psychics should pressure or request payment for looking into a case at the request of a family member or by members of law enforcement, rather they should offer a free consultation and honestly it should not take hardly much effort or time on their part to be of assistance, provided that there is not some other plan at work. If the psychic can then donate a portion of their time to working the case free of charge that is wonderful. However, if the psychic is not getting anything and the family members or the authorities continue to make demands upon their time, the psychic should have every right to charge fair market rate for their services … provided they are willing to stay on the case – though most good ones would walk away at this point.

Working missing animal cases can be tricky but are no where near as sensitive as working crimes and missing persons cases. I had a reading that took place some time ago where a woman wanted to connect with her dog “Porkchop”. I asked the woman if he was fat and she said “no”, I was surprised because the dog I saw was on the heavy side of things. I was told that he had been rescued after he had gotten out. He gave me the name of the street he was on, the fact that he was at a horse farm with a lawn jockey out front and a high wooden fence around the yard he was kept in.

I saw him returning to the woman in a week, and I also saw that there was nothing that she could do to change that, she simply had to wait. Now, Porkchop was a small dog and it was well below freezing the day he went missing, so you can imagine her concerns. She went so far as to contact another “psychic” who told her that he was dead and that he loved her and had crossed over and was okay now. I was puzzled, when a day after she had obtained the reading from the other “psychic” and she told me what she had said. I reiterated my prior statements and told her that as far as I could tell he was still alive and the only difference was that now instead of a week to go, it was three days to go.

Three days later she called me up and joyfully exclaimed that Porkchop was back and not only that, but he was fat. The deal was that the street that he gave me extended into the next town over where an “ille” was added onto the end of the name of the street. When I first heard the name and repeated it, the woman mentioned the street that sounded just like the name I had heard, (well almost identical) and there were horse farms on that street with lawn jockey’s too, just not the right farm or the right town, right street, slightly different name.

In another case I kept seeing a specific rock formation and was picking up on a name. The problem was that it did not fit anything within the “official” search area, as such it was not picked up on until after the case had been solved. If the search area had included the next State over there is a good chance that the clue would have made a difference had it been followed up on. The area that I was drawn to on the map was the actual flight path taken by the missing party and were you to draw a line from their point of origin (last know coordinates) and had that line run though the area I was drawn to, and then if you had extended that line into the next State over and added a few hundred miles or so you would have ran smack into to the location they were later discovered at.

In the first case I worked I learned a very important lesson. It started with me reading a news article about the missing persons. Later that same day I was visited by the spirit of one of the missing individuals. They told me to contact their coworkers and to inform them that I was in communication with her and that she wanted them to have me help in locating her so that her family could have closure.

I called her office and spoke with the officer in charge, that’s right she worked alongside the men and woman in blue, she was in law enforcement. I was given a better reception then I had hoped for and they requested that I come down to the station and see if by meeting with her coworkers in person and sitting at her desk I could make a strong connection with her and show her that they were taking what she had to say through me, seriously. I drove a few towns over and met her coworkers. I then was led to her desk and sat there for a few minutes. Then I began to bring forward details.

I saw a vehicle in the water off of a boat launch, I saw two other individuals in the same body of water. Both had a connection to a nearby town which I named. I saw a body in the car off the boat launch it was that of an older woman. The police had no info about any of the bodies or locations I was describing. Then I had one last detail about a vehicle that had gone off the road and was hidden from view. One thing I noticed was no skid marks. I also picked up on MI72 and I told the detective who was working the case that I kept getting the 72 part repeatedly. I had been asking for a clue to their where abouts and MI72 was what I kept getting along with all the cars and bodies in the river.

Two days later or so I received a phone call from the detective who was in charge of the case. He asked if I had turned on the news that morning, I told him that since I was in another State I did not regularly watch the news where he was. he then told me that they had just pulled two bodies out of the river right in the area that I had indicated. That both had gone missing from the town that I mentioned a connection to, but that they were not they ones I had been looking for.

Another week went by and they finally found the missing party that I had tried to assist with. The detective told me that they had a Hwy 72 nearby and that they found the missing car and person on Hwy 72 mile post 72, there’s that repeated 72. To cap things off, not only had I identified the Hwy and the mile post marker that they were at, but I also described why they crashed, who the driver was, how quickly they had passed and the position of the vehicle.

Another few weeks went by and the same detective called me up to inform me that in 20 years of being on the force, he had never seen such a thing. That morning he had been called out to the river again, this time to the boat launch I had discussed with them previously. An angler had put his fishing boat in the water and while launching it he caught his motor on the roof of a car at the end of the ramp. In the car they found an elderly woman. The detective went on to joke about how the State police might want to talk to me since I was the only one who knew anything about her, she had not even been reported as missing.

At this point I realized just what had happened. As soon as the authorities decided to listen to me, the other missing person cases in the area came forward and tried to ride the coat trails of the investigation I was involved in. They did not reveal that they were unrelated in the hopes that their clues would be followed up on so that they too could be found, bringing closure and peace to their families and loved ones. Soon after the same detective asked me to look at another case, this one led me in circles and after the success (sort of) of my first case I was hoping it too would be fairly easy, (from my perspective). As it turned out, that person did not want to be found or I simply was not supposed to assist with bring closure to it.

I have learned that sometimes tragic events must play themselves out. Much growth on a spiritual level takes place when a tragic event unfolds. Those who are touched by it, question their own existence, communities come together and strangers reach out to help others. Sometimes karma is at play, and not just from this present existence but perhaps tied to past events. In the cases where a psychic can be of help it’s important to remember that you are not just dealing with the spirits of the missing and their family members, but also you may be interacting with others who may even try and feed you false leads. As we are in life, so are we in death … to a great extent. Our personality remains intact.

If a young woman goes missing and her family speaks out about how pure she was and how she never would put herself in harms way, it’s difficult for the young woman to step forward and tell a psychic (read – a stranger) just what happened to her and where her body is. If the body is located quickly full battery of tests can be performed to determine what if any drugs were in her system, if she had be sexually assaulted and so forth. If her body was defaced, the last thing she may want is for her parents or loved ones to see her in such a state. It is easier in their minds if the body is not discovered until such physical evidence is no longer remaining or not at all.

Working missing persons cases are by far the most sensitive as if you tell someone that their loved one is dead and then they walk in the door a week later, there will be some serious problems. It is usually best if the family contacts a psychic and checks to see if the psychic can connect with unpublished details of the case and or individuals involved in the investigation. If the psychic is able to connect, then they should be handed off to the authorities at the request of the family. This way the psychic has a layer of insulation between the information coming in and the family members who may not be ready to hear such details or perhaps the psychic has misunderstood a detail coming through and until checked out it is best to protect the family from such information. This is not always the case, sometimes family members are equipt to handle such information and if that is the case, the psychic will know as the parties involved on the other side will know as well.

The long and short of it is that psychics are another tool and not a magic bullet. They should not be expected to simply walk in and say “so and so is in the cellar and Johnny did it with a baseball bat. Sometimes it is that simple, other times it is “MI72, 72 repeatedly.” Had the detective not been so focused on looking at another area he may have said to me what about Hwy 72 to which I would have most likely responded, “wow! that’s it!” and the case would have been solved. Psychics can provide another set of eyes, take a fresh look at evidence and best of all, chat with those who know all the secrets, the dearly departed.

Prior to becoming aware of my own abilities I was a complete skeptic, I still am a skeptic of anything brought through during a reading until it is confirmed. It is not my ability to “hear voices in my head” or “see visions” that make me a believer, it is the confirmations brought forward during and after the readings by those involved that make me believe that there is far more to this life then we are yet able to fully comprehend. Just as the world was at one time considered to be flat, I expect that some day the abilities of true and ethical psychics will simply be taken as a given. If this were the case, and a criminal knew that his victim could talk to the authorities, dead or not, it might make them think twice before committing a crime.

One last thing to think about … many claim to be psychic, but are con artists. Just like a person masquerading as a doctor when they do not have the schooling required nor the expertise. Do we call them a doctor after their fraud is revealed, no. Then why is it that when a person claiming to be a psychic but who is really a con artist is apprehended, the media continues to refer to them as a psychic? A real psychic is a light worker in that they work to bring about peace and harmony and do everything they can for the greater good. A final note, names and details of examples of cases I have been involved in have been changed slightly as to protect the privacy of the family members and those involved.

Last night my wife Heidi and I had a wonderful evening at the Barkitecture six Gala and Auction put on by the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society. It was a lot of fun, the wine was good and the food was enjoyable. Many thousands of dollars were raised to help support the animals cared for by the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society and we had fun connecting with fellow animal lovers.

After returning from the event, we thanked our babysitter who had been watching our two children and were impressed by the fact that she had put them to bed and they were already sound asleep. Heidi went over to one of our neighbors and spent some time with her cat BiBi who was dying of lung cancer. Heidi came back an hour later and told me the vet was stopping by the following day and was scheduled to put BiBi down around 3:00 pm. Our neighbor wanted me to stop by around noon so that she could connect with him one last time.

Before I had a chance to go over and see BiBi, our neighbor stopped by with her cat. BiBi’s breathing had become very labored and she was concerned that he would not make it until 3:00 pm and so she wanted me to check in with him and see if a quick trip to the vet was required or if he would prefer to wait until 3:00 pm. I tried connecting with him and and BiBi seemed very out of it. He had a patch on the back of his leg that was releasing medication for pain into his body and it made him a bit woozy. He told me that he wanted to just stay where he was and so we sat down on the couch with him and I held him for about forty minutes. Then he tried to get up and our neighbor picked him up and held him.

Right before he passed, the spirits of two cats, (his mother and another cat he had lived with) came into the room. As he took his last breath, I could feel his spirit exit his body and come to rest on my lap. Our neighbor then turned to me and asked if he was still with her and I informed her that he had just passed. To be double certain, I checked his eyes and though wide open they had already faded, like someone turning the lights out. I checked for any last signs of a pulse or breathing and confirmed that he had indeed passed.

BiBi’s spirit then connected with me and he began to bring forward many details. He told his person how his favorite memory was his time spent in Africa where they had a huge yard and big bugs to go with it. He loved climbing trees back then and playing with one of the spirit cats who had come just prior to his passing. He told her that he loved her and then told me to tell her that he was okay with having his body cremated and his ashes being placed up on the mantle next to his other companion whom had gone before him.

It was odd, chatting with him right after he passed. I kept looking at his body as if he was still there, but I could feel him on my lap. Last week I had a reading where I spoke with a dog about two hours after he had passed. I have come to the conclusion that if you attempt to connect with the spirit of an animal who has just passed, you may have better luck then if you wait a day or two. Several days or weeks after the passing of an animal it is easy to connect with them. There is a small period of adjustment and exploration which takes place soon after death and lasts for anywhere from a few days to a week or so. So the trick is to try and connect with them either right away or a few weeks after their passing.

The passing of anyone who is close to us is difficult. Even with the knowledge that they haven’t gone anywhere and simply are in spirit form and not in the physical body does not seem to make their passing any easier. It is only natural to mourn the loss of a loved one, be it a pet cat, dog, bird or another animal. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to grieve, for if you bottle the grief and pain up inside, it will fester and simply last longer.

BiBi had been with her for 16 years and will forever be a part of her life. Our neighbor was fortunate that she was able to connect with him prior, during and after his passing. Not everyone is so fortunate, but everyone can take comfort in knowing this. Animals do not fear death, they fear pain. They worry about our ability to cope with their passing. They do not want us to remember them in a broken down state, rather they would like to be remembered as they were in their prime. Animals can see spirits and your other animals will know exactly what has happened. They too may find themselves in a period of mourning since they too are in the physical world at this moment. As time passes, so does the pain of the loss.

April 2009