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Not long ago I was finishing up a reading and as I was wrapping up the reading an image jumped into my min. The image was that of a tulip bulb and what followed next was my connecting with three plants. I had no prior knowledge of these plants and I was not asked about them, rather they “butted” into the conversation/reading on their own. They had specific needs that needed to be addressed and they made if very clear to me, what those needs were.

After that experience which I wrote about in more detail in a prior posting, I had another plant communication take place just last night while I was visiting my sister in Santa Cruz. I spent about 6 hours in the surf this morning from dawn until noon collecting sea glass near Santa Cruz, CA. I was suited up in a wetsuit and was collecting in the surf. It was pretty gnarly with some big sets rolling in and I took a football sized rock to the left shin which even through a wetsuit managed to cut me a bit while delivering a bruise and scar which I expect will remain for several years if not longer. Now back to the part about talking to plants.

As we were sitting around eating some pizza I told my sister about my recent experience with talking to plants. I told her about the reading I had done over the phone where I had the plants “butt” in so that they could get some help.  She then asked if I could chat with her plants. My sister has a sizable garden and many fruit trees as well as other plants, in short she could in a pinch run a nursery. I am not familiar with her garden and I have not really looked at this years plantings and so I stepped outside, faced the garden and said the following.

Alright, here’s the deal … if there are any plants that need to have their needs addressed and they are not being taken care of properly, please speak up in the following order. Will those with the greatest need, with a solution that will provide the maximum benefit, please step forward, with the plant with the next greatest need coming in after that one and so forth. It was dark outside at this time and then I walked back inside and sat down in the living room. I then saw something in my mind.

The image I was viewing was that of a tuber and I was told that a tuber was being attacked by moles and gophers, he told me that all the other plants were protected and that it really was a crime that he was the one who needed the protection the most below ground, but had none. I then asked if she had a tuber, at first she said no, then I asked if she had a potato plant, she then remembered it and confirmed that everyone else was either in raised beds with chicken wire underneath, or they were planted in a pot. The solution was simply, he suggested digging him up and laying some chicken wire under him and around him, he even informed her how many inches in diameter to dig around him and the depth.

As soon as the potato plant was done, I saw a large pot that had a blue glaze on it. I asked my sister if she had a pot like that and she said yes. We went outside and I saw the pot at the edge of the front porch, it had a jasmine plant growing in it. I then saw the problem, a small weed was growing in the pot next to the base of the jasmine plant. My sister went to pull the weed and what appeared to be a small weed ended up having a massive root system that nearly picked up half the soil in the pot when it was pulled, no wonder the jasmine was unhappy.

The last one that connected with me was a sunflower plant. I saw a sunflower quite clearly and asked my sister if she had one, at first she said no. Then she remembered that little sunflower she had brought home from work a few days ago. She had put it into the trunk of the car and forgotten about it for two days, then she dropped in by the fence near the driveway in a cracked pot. The sunflower demanded a new pot, he said that his pot dried out too quickly and that he was not in a good place. Well, that one was an easy fix, a new pot and placing him in the garden and not by the dumpster and driveway.

I will soon be adding a new page to www.charlespeden.comone on plant communication and I will start offering plant whispering services as soon as the ink is dry on this posting.

Here is an interesting little note regarding a recent reading…

While connecting with the ex-boyfriend of a woman who I was doing a reading for, an interesting thing happened. She had asked him some questions about things that he had said to her while they were dating and he was still alive, (he committed suicide). He kept avoiding answering the questions and would chat about other things, but not what she wanted answers to. Finally he got fed up and said the following. Your asking about our past relationship is much like going to to your auto mechanic and discussing what repairs are needed for your vehicle, even though the vehicle has just been repossessed. In other words, it’s over, time to move on, I am dead and you are still there, forget about me and please move on. Ouch … cold and from the other side.

May 2009