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When I was first opening up to my psychic abilities I had a lot to learn. One major problem was dealing with unwanted visitors. We had a ghost who had taken up residence in our daughters bedroom and I was having great difficulty with moving him towards the light. For starters, he was argumentative, spoke poorly of my wife and made our daughter uncomfortable to the point that she moved into our bedroom for awhile.

We tried all of the “common” suggestions on how to get rid of such spirits, but to no avail. One technique for “clearing” the room involved smudging with sage, no effect. Another method involved placing a glass of water near the bed so that the negative energies may be drawn towards it and then in the morning, flushed away like a bad dream … no luck. We tried placing crystals around the room which had been “charged” with the suns energy and even some with moon energy, did not change a thing. Then we tried placing a trail of salt around the windows and the door to the room, still no effect.

What was worse is that as we tried each technique, the ghost would mock us and our feeble efforts to either cross him over or to remove him from our home. Feeling like were were running out of options we went to a local metaphysical store and the clerk there did a “reading” of the situation on the spot and suggested that we needed to bring in a tree and invite fairy energy in so that the ghost would be forced out, we purchased the tree, and said a few invocations, but nothing changed … though eventually the tree died due top lack of adequate light in the room. About four weeks or so into dealing with our unwanted house guest we mentioned some of the problems we were having to a friend on the east coast. They knew a psychic and contacted her, she then later called us and told us that our friend was concerned about us and was calling to see if she could help with the problem.

As we were chatting, one of the first things she asked me was “How are your dreams? I told her that it had been years since I had a dream that I could recall. She then told me to “program” my dreams as I would find the answers there. She also explained the reason none of the techniques were working to get rid of the ghost. She said that we were fighting metaphysical problems with physical solutions and that until we figured out how to work on a different level with our problems, that they would not go away.

The next evening as I was going to bed I thought about the problems we had with our unwanted guest, I then requested to be given some help in my dreams. That night I had the first dream in years that I was able to recollect upon awakening. In my dream I found myself dealing with a similar though different problem.

The setting was the outside of a restaurant in downtown San Francisco near the financial district. The street was paved with bricks and the buildings were brick as well. I was in front of a Mexican restaurant that was being remodeled and which was going to be transformed into another type of restaurant. The owner came out to greet me as I walked up to the front of the building. He told me about his plans for the restaurant and how he wanted to do upscale international food during lunch time at affordable prices for the business crowd and that during the evening he would run it even more upscale and with a bit of a club atmosphere. It all sounded very nice, but there was a catch, many that he had hired, had already quit and they had not even opened their doors to the public yet. Grand opening was two weeks away and he was worried.

I asked him what the problem was, he had a good concept, great location and seemed to be quite good at what he was doing … so where was the problem. He told me that it would be easier to show me then to tell me. Now, I knew it had something to do with the supernatural, otherwise I would not be there. I ran my own business helping people who had ghost issues etc., but a ghost causing people to quit, sounded serious. The owner led me around the side of the building towards the back loading dock. As we turned the corner and the rear of the restaurant came into full view, I was struck by an intense beam of energy. I immediately retreated to safety and using the corner of the brick building as a shield against the attack I had just dealt with, I briefed the owner on what was going to happen next and his options.

Much to the dismay of the resturants owner, I told him that the beauty of being self employeed was that I got to pick which cases to take on and which ones to pass on. I told him that he had a very nasty ghost who had taken up residence in the back of the resturant. The ghost was on the utility pole by the loading dock and he had sent a wave of anger, unhappiness and sorrow towards me when I had first glimpsed him. I really did not feel like dealing with such a malevolent entity and told the owner that there were others that he could connect to help him, I gave the owner a few numbers of others who worked with the supernatural and bid him farewell.

Time compressed within my dream and two weeks went by in the blink of an eye … I found myself standing in front of the restaurant during opening night. There was a long line of people waiting to get in and I was near the front of the line with about twenty people in front of me and another thirty or so in line behind me. All of a sudden a van pulled up to the valet parking area in front of the restaurant. As the doors opened my heart sank, I recognized the driver of the van as one of my “competitors”, he led a “ghostbusting” team that ran around in matching jumpsuits and liked to make a big stink. He almost always had someone filming and today was no exception. While I liked to handle things quietly and not make a scene, he was the master of making a scene and had earned himself a bad rap among fellow light workers.

As his team tumbled out of the van, he and his camera man began walking towards the front of the line of people waiting for the doors to open. Knowing that the last thing the owner wanted was a big scene on opening night, I left my place in line and ran up to intercept him. As I approached him an ear-piercing scream came from down the alley. Abruptly he changed direction and then began running down the alley with his camera man following close behind,. I followed him as well and upon arriving at the corner of the building and just out of line of sight with the restaurants loading dock, I saw what the commotion was all about. The sensitive on his ghostbusting team was curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth and yelling that she could not take it anymore, “get it off of me!” and so forth. Knowing that I could no longer avoid dealing with this entity, I turned the corner of the building and yelled out to the ghost that he should fight someone his own size.

With the ghosts attention diverted the woman who had been under attack jumped up and ran down the alley towards the safety of the van she had arrived in. I then retreated to safety behind the corner of the building where we were just out of sight of the loading dock and the entity above it. Then I did it. I turned to corner of the building again in order to view the loading dock and with my arms lowered and at my sides with the fingers of my open hands pointing down, I slowly brought my hands out on either side of my body. As I moved my arms outward towards my sides, I kept the palms of my hands facing in front of my and began to absorb energy through them. I could see this little golden trickle of energy streaming off of everything around me. The energy was coming off of plants, rocks, dead leaves, bricks and everything else around me. As I drew the energy into my body through my hands, I felt if building up in a ball in my abdomen. At some point I decided that I had enough energy and then I took the ball of energy and with a flick of my wrists sent it flying straight towards the negative entity above the loading dock.

The blast of energy that I hit him with was strong enough to knock him off his perch. He then looked at me and began to open up about his life and why he felt the way he did. It was a long story, but it all made sense in some twisted sort of fashion. He then offered an apology for his behavior and crossed over. At that point I woke up and was able to recall everything I had dreamed.

That morning I decided to try out the moves I had learned in my dream. I went into our daughters room and called him out of his hiding space in the closet. The ghost began to give me some “static” and I began to mimic what I had done in my dream, though I could not see the energy I was drawing into my body, I could feel it. He stopped sending his negative energy towards me when met with the blast of energy that I just built up and unleashed on him. I then “grabbed” his hand and pulled him out into the living room with me where my wife and daughter we sitting on the couch. I asked my daughter if he was the one causing her all the problems and she said yes, that he liked to stare at her from the foot of the bed while she was trying to go to sleep, hence the reason she had moved into our bedroom. I then told him that he did not frighten us and that though unhappy with him, he could stay in a room other then our daughters until he was ready to cross over and that we would help him with that.

Some time later that month he came up to me after watching me cross over another ghost and he asked me to assist with his own crossing.   

Since that first dream lesson, I have had several since, each one to assist me in understanding and utilizing my abilities. We can do other things in our dreams too. The dream state allows our spirits to go off and play while our physical body is repaired and receives the rest that it requires to continue functioning. To most of us, our dreams for the most part seem very random and disjointed and then from time to time we may have a dream that stands out in our minds for various reasons. Some dreams are more then us at play, they are other spirits coming to visit us and have meaningful discussions with. Theses types of dreams are very vivid and feel like you were actually meeting with the person. Past animal companions and loved ones may appear in these dreams as well.

Follow the steps below in order to program your own dreams.

1.) Write down on an index card or sheet of paper, who it is that you wish to meet with. (Such as your dog who passed recently or a family member in spirit.)

2) Write down an agenda for the meeting, talking points, questions you may have and so forth.

3) Write at the bottom that of the note that upon awakening you will recall every detail of your dream and the communications that took place within it.

4) Tuck the note under your pillow as you drift off to sleep … read the note over and over in your mind.

5) Repeat as needed until you have the dream that you are requesting.

Some report success the very first time they try it, others may need to try the technique for a week or so in order to see results.



The last two days, May 29th and May 30th were spent in Sacramento at the Red Lion Hotel. A conference put on by Blue Gaia and East West Books was being held over the weekend and I had been asked to attend as a speaker and to facilitate a workshop on animal communication. The conference was put on as a result of the increased number of children being born into this world who have very unique gifts and talents. As the conference was geared towards children, those in professions working with children and the parents of such children, I brought my family, Heidi my wife and my two girls, Madison and Maya.

There are many different types of “special” children, rainbow, crystal, star, indigo and so on. Our children easily fit into one or more of the various classifications and exhibit their own unique abilities. I will not go into detail at the moment concerning their gifts … but to say that they can both see spirit and communicate with animals as well as read minds. Heidi had a great time and has renewed her resolve to work with some of these “new” children. Both the kids made many new friends and had a wonderful time connecting with others who share their gifts and who have similar abilities. Sadly we were not able to attend the last day, Sunday, May 31st as I had to catch up on jewelry orders from

I greatly enjoyed the opening night and listened to several of the speakers. I went on a little before 9 PM and spoke for nearly thirty minutes. The lecture was well attended and I enjoyed myself. For the most part I simply told the story of how I came into my abilities and began communicating with living animals. I briefly mentioned my work with the other side and my involvement with law enforcementas a psychic detective. After my talk I stuck around for some sound healing with Kellyann Conway and Robin DeVol, which I greatly enjoyed.

The following day I had an Animal Communication workshop to put on for both children and adults. I planned on briefly describing my abilities and then talking about why talking with or at least communicating with our animals is important followed by a quick question and answer session. After my talk I planned on channeling a few cats and dogs who were connected to various members of the audience. Of course I had no prior knowledge of any of the animals and did not request people to let me know who they wished to connect with. After the talk and the question and answer segment were completed, I then began channeling various animals.

Before I began channeling, I requested the animals who had the greatest need to come through first so that they may get the help that they need. The first thing I “saw” was an emaciated horse. He was quite tall and was very skinny, he was dark with a white star that was longer than wider on his forehead. No one in the audience claimed him, unfazed I tried to dismiss him, he came to me a second time … once again no one claimed him … so I let him go. After my workshop was done, it dawned on me that if that was my horse and I was responsible for his condition, that there is no way that I would put my hand up in public taking responsibility for him. After the horse went unclaimed I once again looked to connect with an animal, expecting a cute furry cat or dog to come through I was surprised to see a roughly four foot long snake. I began describing the snake and he was claimed by a woman in the audience.

The snake was a nice enough fellow, though he told me that he had just shed and was having a problem where some of the skin had not come off properly on his tail. He also wanted more access to direct sun and had not adjusted well to the change in humidity following a recent move, he also requested another white mouse to eat. Following the snake I was ready for a dog … or cat and “saw” a lizard, followed by a green parrot and I seem to recall another lizard or some other unusual animal, I began to wonder if there wee any dogs or cats who might come through or if this was simply a day for “exotics”. At one point a small dog came through and then I connected with an elephant! Just when I thought I might see a cat I saw two nearly all white birds and then I saw a flock of them, something like 65-80 birds all near white. I almost thought seagulls, but then a woman in the audience raised her hand and told me that they were her Father’s birds. He had an aviary filled with roughly 60 breeding pairs and was looking to get rid of them. After doing what I could to help the animals coming through, we ran out of time and other then a one or two cats and dogs, I seem to recall channeling a “zoo” yesterday.

After my workshop we had lunch and networked/connected with several wonderful people and left for home in the late afternoon. Today I have spent the day making jewelry and putting up some more sea glass listings on eBay. Tomorrow I head down to Santa Cruz to lead a guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursion where I expect to find red and orange sea glass along with other rare colors such as cobalt blue and even perhaps some surf tumbled abalone shell pieces for an order that came in last week.

June 2009