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I have several spirits “guides” whom I work with on the other side. about a year ago I was looking for a venue to put on a workshop about animal communication, a place in the city, (San Francisco) that I could book clients at for in person readings etc. I really had no idea where to go, what part of the city … or who to contact. The vast majority of people offering services similar to what I do use cards or some other aid and are not “pure” channels. I asked one of my guides to give me some help. My guide told me that I needed to go down to the Haight/Ashbury neighborhood and that I would find what I was looking for.

I went online and began searching for metaphysical shops etc., in the area and was having no luck. My guide then nearly hit me upside the head and told me that I was supposed to go there in person and that searching online would not work.

Having no plans to go to the city any time soon and being somewhat unsure of how things were going to play out, I never made it a high priority to follow up on my guides advice. That same week I had a call come in about a missing dog. I picked up that the dog was in or had recently been in Golden Gate Park. I then realized that the dogs body was in the park after having been attacked by coyotes. The woman then asked me to come and meet her in person to find her dogs body as she did not want to deal with it herself. After three hours of hunting I became very discouraged and called it off, my concern was that the body was no longer intact and possibly had been eaten, leaving nothing behind. The following week it was confirmed that the dog had indeed been in that area the week prior.

Leaving the park I headed over to the Haight/Ashbury neighorhood and remembering what my guide had said, found parking and began walking along the Haight. I decided to look for the venue where I might provide a workshop or do readings, I figured that I was most likely looking for a metaphysical bookstore, though a quick search online did not reveal any in this area. Stopping at the first business that looked as though they may know where to go, I was pleased to notice the display of books that dealt with the supernatural and channeling spirits in the window. I asked the clerk behind the counter if she knew of a place that I could go to find people who can talk to the dead. She shot me a weird look and then said no. I brought up the display in the window and she said “so… doesn’t mean I know anything about it.”

Walking further down the street I saw a small handwritten sign on a rough door in an alleyway. The sign said “psychic … press buzzer” I was not looking for a seedy hole in the wall, but that’s all that I saw. Walking on I saw another store that showed potential, I walked inside and asked the clerk if they knew of a place that I could go to talk to the dead and once again got the weird look. I was getting frustrated, but knew that I could not give up. Two more business later and I began to think that I was way off base, no one knew anything in this area. I figured I would check one more place and then go. I saw a store with some crystals and a large inventory of ethnic masks. Walking in I saw a younger Indian gentleman behind the counter and asked him if he knew of a place where I could go to talk with the dead and he chuckled and said “turn around, the woman behind you in line is a medium.” I turned around and saw someone who looked very familiar to me. I said to her, “exchange readings?” she said “sure … next cafe down?” I said “sure … got to feed my meter first.” she says, “Me too.”

As we walked towards our vehicles we noticed that we had parked pretty close to each other. As a bit of small talk started it was interupted by us both saying that we wanted to know as little about the other person as possible until after the reading. We walked in silence to a nearby cafe after feeding our meters and ordered some tea. I connected read for her first, connecting with a deceased family member of hers. When I was done she turned to me and said “You are looking for a venue in the city to do workshops and provide readings to clients in person.” I confirmed that she had hit the nail on the head. Then she told me to follow her and that a few minutes away she has just the space that I am looking for and that she is the manager there and in charge of scheduling.

To make a long story short, she led me to the Richmond district on the north side of Golden Gate Park near the Presido. Just a half block from the park is a lovely flat that has been converted into a spiritual center. The center has several rooms, each one suitable for doing readings, workshops and even a massage room with a table etc. The place far exceeded my expectations, I had found exactly what I was looking for.

At the end of May 2009 I was asked to put on a workshop on animal communication and to speak. The conference was held in Sacramento and I lectured Friday evening for about a half hour on animal communication and my own journey into this work. After the talk, the woman who I had ran into in the Haight, the one with the center in San Francisco, came up to me and told me what a great story it was about how she and I met. She also happened to be the one who invited me to be a speaker and a presenter at the conference. Her story that day involved her being late to get back to the center but her wanting to pick up a new crystal as a gift for the director who was coming in from out of town. She had limited time and had been delayed at the store that I ran into her at. The clerk had goofed or done something that had caused her to stay in the store until I came in.

July 2009