Recently I was contacted regarding a missing cat. Prior to starting the reading I was provided with nothing more than his name, (which is the way I like it). As I began the reading the cat showed me that it had rained in the area very recently, he then proceeded to show me some high grass in a large open field that was surrounded by a forest that was somewhat dense. I could see a walking path that had little puddles/potholes in it filled with water and a small stand of pine trees. The cat told me that he was southwest from home and that he had taken off after being chased by another cat. When he had attempted to return home, he found the door closed and unable to get in, he located shelter some distance away.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the woman made up flyers, posted them everywhere … set out humane traps designed to catch cats etc., and was having no success. People would report seeing the cat but no one was able to catch him. After he had been missing for about three weeks, I was called in to look into it and that is when I provided the details about the clearing with the pine trees to the southwest of the cats home. Funny thing is that after providing the above details, the woman emailed me afterwards and requested a refund. She told me that I had not revealed anything that I could not figure out based upon her area code. I emailed her back to let her know that when we had begun the reading I had made it very clear that there was no guarantee of providing closure, I had provided an hour of my time and had only charged her for a half hour.

Within minutes of requesting a refund, she called back and left a voice mail apologizing and letting me know that her cat had just been spotted. He was southwest of her home and in a park where there was a forest, if you followed the trails, one led to a clearing with tall grass and a lone stand of pine trees, the only clump of pine trees for miles around. The woman hired a search dog who picked up her cats trail the trail led straight to the pine trees near the clearing.

I went ahead and called her back and we once again connected with her cat. He did not seem ready to come home and there were some issue back home with regard to a relationship that the woman was in, her boyfriend was verbally abusive and did not like her cat either. The cat was concerned about the cat who had chased him off and the unfriendly man back at home. He was an indoor cat who would be let outside for an hour or so each day and then let back in.

Within a short amount of time the cat that was terrorizing the neighborhood was captured and turned into the Humane Society. The woman began to stand up for herself and informed the man in her life that he had to treat her with more respect. During the last reading I had done with her, I had told her that she needed to chat with her cat and tell him how much she loved him, cared for him and that she would not lock him out again, (on accident all be it, but still quite scary to the cat.) A few days later she contacted me again to see if there was any progress with regard to him coming home. He then showed me some ponies and told me that it was related to a television show. I asked her about a kids show with ponies and she confirmed that the prior day after I had told her to talk with her cat, that she had been sitting on the couch with her daughter and was watching a show that was about ponies. During the show she sat back on the couch, closed her eyes and tried to talk to her cat … talk about a confirmation that he heard her!

He told me that she was planning on never allowing him to go outside again and that the moment he showed up that she would close the door to the garage and trap him in there. He said that in order for him to trust her, that she had to trust him. He also requested that he be allowed to continue to go out each day for about an hour … otherwise the deal was off. By the end of my conversation with him he had said, “give me 72 hours … not making any promises, but a good chance I will be back by then.

Once this story reaches a conclusion, I will update it.

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