​On the rare occasion I will reach out to a passed loved one, human or animal, and for whatever reason the individual will not come through. 

If the loved one only recently joined the spirit world, it is often because they are new to the other side and still “getting their feet back under them.” Kind of like reaching out to an infant and expecting to have a detailed conversation with them. Usually after a minimum of four weeks after passing, individuals are fairly easy to communicate with. This time also allows you to be able to process the material that comes through during a reading much better as the immediate sting of their loss has usually dissipated somewhat by then.

Our experiences on the other side as spirits, allows us the opportunity to explore parts of our planet that we could not, or did not previously explore. Or, we can return to favorite locations. 

A common theme appears to be researching our history. So if you have a dog, they may explore what it’s like to run with wolves, by finding a pack and joining them in spirit. If your ancestors came from Ireland, you may wish to trace their route to the new world and discover where they originated. 

While it is true that our animal companions in spirit like to spend time with us until we join them in spirit and set out on a new adventure with them, it is not uncommon for them to have some adventures of their own prior to us being reunited with them in spirit.

If for some reason your loved one, human or animal fails to make a connection on our first attempt at making a connection, I will pull the plug on our reading and have it rescheduled for a few weeks out, at no additional cost to you. I only want to provide a quality connection for you.

Sometimes, very rarely the individual you seek contact with does not wish to speak with you, this is very rare and a subject that I will discuss in depth at a later date.

Consider this, what kind of life is the afterlife, if we are always at the immediate beck and call of those still here in the physical body? I find it reassuring to know that as spirits – we will find ourselves on occasion – involved enough in some activity to put a hold on any incoming requests for your time and attention.

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