Charles Peden is more than simply a psychic medium and animal communicator. Charles has the ability to communicate with all life forms including the spirits of those who are no longer physically present. Charles was born with these abilities and after being told that the unusual occurrences that took place as a child were nothing more than his imagination, he suppressed his unique abilities and forgot about them until a run in with a ghost much later in his life.

Prior to his abilities as a psychic medium and animal communicator coming to the surface, he worked corporate events as an event manager for various companies, if your company was throwing a large party in either Seattle or San Jose/San Francisco, there was a good chance that he was managing the event to some degree. Many times he would coach corporate team building events. After several years of spending nearly all of his weekends on the road and not having much time for family, he was able to take a hobby of his and turn it into a business.

By the Bay Treasures ( was born from his passion for treasure hunting, kayaking, hiking and collecting sea glass. Soon after founding By the Bay Treasures, Charles left his day job in the special events industry and focused on his new passion. Soon after launching his own business, Charles co-founded the North American Sea Glass Association, (NASGA) and took on the position of president of the association.

The same day that Charles launched the web site, he was visited by a ghost in his home and the next chapter of his life began. Charles was what would be considered a skeptic of all things paranormal. However, after meeting the ghost of Isabel Silva who had died at the beginning of the 1900s, Charles had no choice but to believe in an afterlife and that it is possible to communicate with those on the other side. What followed next was a very rapid unfolding of his abilities as a psychic medium and within four months he was providing readings to the general public and a year later was communicating with live animals.

After building a successful business dedicated to all things sea glass, Charles sold By the Bay Treasures so as to free himself up to focus on his life’s path and now dedicates all of his time to providing readings, conducting workshops, lecturing and mentoring. In order to “give back to the community” Charles provides a number of charitable readings each month regarding cold cases and or missing animals.

This blog chronicles various events that have transpired in his life since coming into his abilities. Charles will share his understanding of the nature of the universe with his unique perspective on life. Stories from various readings that stand out and or are humorous will be shared (with the privacy of those involved being protected by various details being changed to protect their identity as needed). To learn more about Charles Peden and or to book a reading, visit his web site at,