Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium – Charles Peden is available for private consultations and public appearances.

Call: 925-360-7853 for current rates and availability or visit:

On the Phone or via Skype:

This is the most common and preferred method of conducting a consultation.

Please indicate the best times, days and dates to connect with you as well as the phone number that you will be located at.

Landlines are desired though a cell phone works too …

Charles will call you a few minutes prior to your appointment time at the number you provided. This is done in order to “prep” for the consultation and answer any last minute questions you may have, before starting.

If you are outside of the United States then you may be given a number to call in on or you can opt to connect via Skype.

In Person:

If requesting an in person consultation you may connect in one of two ways:

1.) Request a quote for coming out to your location.

2.) Meet at a local Vineyard – Avio in Sutter Creek, CA. More details on the website.

In person appearances require a travel fee for locations outside of Amador county, CA and a two hour minimum.


How to Remit Payment for Services:

Visit or call 925-360-7853

You may use any major credit card over the phone.

Fees should be covered in advance.