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Last night my wife Heidi and I had a wonderful evening at the Barkitecture six Gala and Auction put on by the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society. It was a lot of fun, the wine was good and the food was enjoyable. Many thousands of dollars were raised to help support the animals cared for by the Benicia/Vallejo Humane Society and we had fun connecting with fellow animal lovers.

After returning from the event, we thanked our babysitter who had been watching our two children and were impressed by the fact that she had put them to bed and they were already sound asleep. Heidi went over to one of our neighbors and spent some time with her cat BiBi who was dying of lung cancer. Heidi came back an hour later and told me the vet was stopping by the following day and was scheduled to put BiBi down around 3:00 pm. Our neighbor wanted me to stop by around noon so that she could connect with him one last time.

Before I had a chance to go over and see BiBi, our neighbor stopped by with her cat. BiBi’s breathing had become very labored and she was concerned that he would not make it until 3:00 pm and so she wanted me to check in with him and see if a quick trip to the vet was required or if he would prefer to wait until 3:00 pm. I tried connecting with him and and BiBi seemed very out of it. He had a patch on the back of his leg that was releasing medication for pain into his body and it made him a bit woozy. He told me that he wanted to just stay where he was and so we sat down on the couch with him and I held him for about forty minutes. Then he tried to get up and our neighbor picked him up and held him.

Right before he passed, the spirits of two cats, (his mother and another cat he had lived with) came into the room. As he took his last breath, I could feel his spirit exit his body and come to rest on my lap. Our neighbor then turned to me and asked if he was still with her and I informed her that he had just passed. To be double certain, I checked his eyes and though wide open they had already faded, like someone turning the lights out. I checked for any last signs of a pulse or breathing and confirmed that he had indeed passed.

BiBi’s spirit then connected with me and he began to bring forward many details. He told his person how his favorite memory was his time spent in Africa where they had a huge yard and big bugs to go with it. He loved climbing trees back then and playing with one of the spirit cats who had come just prior to his passing. He told her that he loved her and then told me to tell her that he was okay with having his body cremated and his ashes being placed up on the mantle next to his other companion whom had gone before him.

It was odd, chatting with him right after he passed. I kept looking at his body as if he was still there, but I could feel him on my lap. Last week I had a reading where I spoke with a dog about two hours after he had passed. I have come to the conclusion that if you attempt to connect with the spirit of an animal who has just passed, you may have better luck then if you wait a day or two. Several days or weeks after the passing of an animal it is easy to connect with them. There is a small period of adjustment and exploration which takes place soon after death and lasts for anywhere from a few days to a week or so. So the trick is to try and connect with them either right away or a few weeks after their passing.

The passing of anyone who is close to us is difficult. Even with the knowledge that they haven’t gone anywhere and simply are in spirit form and not in the physical body does not seem to make their passing any easier. It is only natural to mourn the loss of a loved one, be it a pet cat, dog, bird or another animal. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to grieve, for if you bottle the grief and pain up inside, it will fester and simply last longer.

BiBi had been with her for 16 years and will forever be a part of her life. Our neighbor was fortunate that she was able to connect with him prior, during and after his passing. Not everyone is so fortunate, but everyone can take comfort in knowing this. Animals do not fear death, they fear pain. They worry about our ability to cope with their passing. They do not want us to remember them in a broken down state, rather they would like to be remembered as they were in their prime. Animals can see spirits and your other animals will know exactly what has happened. They too may find themselves in a period of mourning since they too are in the physical world at this moment. As time passes, so does the pain of the loss.

May 2020