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Recently I had a most unusual experience during a reading. My client was asking about career choices and after discussing several business opportunities a question about their present employment was brought up. The question was along the lines of “How do you see my present employment, what can you pick up with regards to it?”After focusing on my client’s inquiry I suddenly felt as if I were a screw, when I thought of my body, it seemed to be metal with threads and a point at the bottom, as depicted in the photo of a screw seen above. I then felt a pressure on the top of my head and had the sensation of being screwed down and into the chair I was sitting on. The sensation and the novelty of this “visceral vision” was so intense I had to ask the obvious.

I asked my client if they had a sense that someone at work was trying to screw them over. He replied that was very possible, did I have a name? I heard the name “Jeff” and my client replied that there was no one by the name of Jeff that he worked with. As I could “see” what Jeff looked like, I figured it would help if I described what this “Jeff” looked like and perhaps then he would know who I was referring to.

I described this gentleman with short black hair, a bit on the slender side with pasty skin. Right away my client exclaimed that they knew them and had worked with them at the company he was at, however Jeff had quit six years ago as he had been diagnosed with cancer.

My client then revealed that he and Jeff had not liked each other and that it had gotten ugly at times with him. Upper management was aware of this and my client was still getting “screwed” by the company’s impression of him that had been partly forged by his difficulties with a fellow co-worker, Jeff. Regardless of who started the animosity between them, the fact was that it had tarnished my clients image and he was continuing to suffer as a result.

Jeff to the best of my knowledge is still alive, however he was bitter and lashed out at my client, both directly and from afar. Now my client knows why he felt so unhappy at work, or at least a part of it . After the reading, my client expressed great relief and a sense of weight being lifted as now he knows what was gnawing at him and now is able to move on, making his remaining time with the company more palatable.

Much of the work I do involves images and physical as well as emotions feelings being relayed to me. This is the first time I have felt like I was an “inanimate” object and not only that, but the sensation that came along with it – the sense of being screwed really put this channeling “over the top” in my book. Not only did I get a sense of being screwed, I also “nailed” (pardon the pun) the description and name of the disgruntled former co-worker. It’s details like that being brought forward that add more “weight” to the other information that comes forward, yet that is harder to get a conformation or verification on. When seeking answers, we are looking for the unknown, in order to give more credence to the unknown it is helpful to have it anchored in confirmed details.

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(Please Note: Some details and names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.)

Very Exciting News!

Many of you have been asking about a book … one that I have not yet written, the good news is that I am now writing it.
The book will be about my journey from skeptic to full time psychic medium and animal communicator. I will share the story of how I have come to be where I am today and will include several good stories from past readings as well as pointers on how you too can do what I do. For those of you who cannot wait for my book to come out, I suggest reading my blog which can be accessed via my web site, just look for the link near the top of the page.

-Unanswered Prayers or Dashed Dreams-

Frequently in life we find ourselves in a situation where we feel that our prayers are not being answered. When something does not go the way we wanted or expected we can find ourselves wondering “What did I do wrong?”

On occasion when we are met by such an obstacle we feel helpless or as though our spirit guides are asleep at the wheel.

Consider this, we do not always appreciate the bigger picture.

Take a look at the example below:

Stella dreams of a life on the big screen. She has gone to all the right schools, studied under the right instructors and has been told that she has what it takes to be a star.

One day Stella hears of an audition for a television series where she fits the requirements for one of the leads that they are casting, and excited about the opportunity to finally make it big, she auditions. (While it’s not a movie, she figures it will give her exposure and lead to something on the big screen in the future.)

The audition goes very well and she feels that she has got the part.

A week later she receives a phone call from the casting director, they inform her that while it was close, she did not get the role.

Devastated she begs and pleads with her spirit guides and loved ones to move heaven and earth for her so that she may get the part on the TV series.

Her guides heed her call to action and miraculously she is called back three days later with the news that she has landed the role, the actress that they had cast had just signed on to another project, something about her taking the lead in a new movie that was being filmed.

Now let’s roll the clock back to the day that Stella got the phone call that she had been passed over for the role in the TV series.

Instead of being sad and disappointed about not getting the role that she wanted, she looked at it as a sign that there was something better out there for her, after all she wanted to star in a movie and not be on the small screen, (not that there is anything wrong with television, mind you … it just was not her dream.)

A day later her agent calls regarding an audition for a movie, the first in a trilogy of movies and it is a major production with a huge budget and big names … they just need a new face for the lead female role.

At the auditions she gets a very good vibe from the casting directors and ends up getting a call back the next day.

After the movies release, she is reading the news and while the movie she just was involved with is being considered for best picture at the Oscars, the TV show that she had auditioned for is being canceled after three episodes.

She was finally realizing her dream.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the day to day struggles of life and find ourselves willing to compromise our dreams. We believe that being told “no” or not succeeding to achive some of our small goals is an indication of overall failure … to live our dreams.

When we compromise or are willing to let defeat control us, we will find ourselves playing second fiddle to our dreams.

When we allow our stumbling blocks to become our building blocks, we can realize our true potential and live out our dreams.

Much of life is about perspective … the way that we view others, the way that we think that others view us is part of the way that we view ourselves.

Thoughts are very powerful. When we view things as being negative or bad for us, we reinforce that perception.

Placebos are very powerful in demonstrating the ability that our minds have to alter the physical world around and within ourselves, or at least our perceptions of such.

When we look at our “problems” it is helpful to put some context to them.

In the work that I do, I come into contact with people from all over the world. Here in America we have a great sense of entitlement or detachment from what is a struggle for much of the worlds population.

For the most part here in the good old US of A, we look at our nation as being the best in the world. Nearly all of us have a roof over our heads, some of us even have land, acres even! In addition to that we almost all have electricity, clean running water and sewers that work. Then there are the cars, not just one per a household, some have several and the boats, the RV’s the motorcycles and whatever else you have for recreational gear.

Now the majority of us here have friends and family who live nearby and are glad to lend a hand in difficult times. No one checks to make sure that you are not from another race or tribe, you are able to travel freely about the country without too many worries. The police for the most part do their best to protect us and to uphold the laws – which we took a part in forming through our legal system which though far from perfect, sure beats the heck out of a lot of other places.

All in all we have it good here, there are drive through fast food outlets and a ridiculous number of services which deliver to your door most anything you can ever imagine wanting.

We take for granted all of these things … when in many parts of the world, such things are simply dreams at this point.

The other day I was providing a reading for someone in Eastern Europe, when I suggested checking the local shelters and seeing if they would be of help with regard to a particular situation, the client told me that such things did not yet exist in their country.

Can you imagine the United States with not a single animal shelter let alone laws against animal cruelty? In many parts of the world that they have no animal rights and or services …

As long as we can avoid compromising our dreams and just settling in order to feel like we got something, things will continue to happen to make a difference towards making our dreams a reality.

Remember that your problems are only as big as the perspective which you place them in.

All in all we have it pretty good here in America, we just need to shift our priorities away from material wealth and instead focus on enriching the human experience on a global level. The happier and better off our neighbors (on a global and local level) are, the happier our planet is.

May all your dreams come true,


Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

As a psychic medium and animal communicator, I get all kinds of questions thrown at me during readings. Over the years I have come to the realization that it’s not so much the question that is being asked but how it is being asked that makes the difference between getting no answer and or a full response to your questions. There is a list of things that I and most psychics – or at least those with ethics – will avoid answering or dealing with.

1.) How and when will I die?

Very few ask this question … but to those who wonder, trust me – you do not want the answer and most likely any psychic whom you ask that question of will not respond to it. There are of course rare exceptions, but by and large leave this one alone.

2.) Will I … “insert monetary desire here”).

For example if you ask a psychic, will my business make a profit this year? The psychic has a very limited number of ways to respond to that question. For example if the psychic says, “yes” than you may rest on your laurels expecting to make a profit regardless of what you do. If I or any other psychic tells you that you will lose money, than you may not make an effort since you believe that all the hard work in the world will not pay off. The key is this … you must ask how is it possible to make a profit this year? We may or may not get an answer to this question, but at least it has a shot at being answered in a fashion that makes both parties happy.

Think about this for a moment … we all have free will and we make decisions based upon information we have concerning various opportunities that we are presented in life. I will use another example of how our free will dictates the response to some questions … bear in mind that each situation is unique, but this gives a good idea of the mechanics behind the concept of free will and asking a psychic a question about your life.

Not too long ago I was doing a reading for an individual who had a health related concern. I zeroed in on the heart surgery they had received as well as the nature of their problem with their heart. When asked if they would require additional operations to repair the heart I was unable to come up with a simple yes or no response, the answer was a bit more complex. If they lost the weight they would not require the additional surgery, however if they kept the weight or gained weight then the additional surgery would be required.

3.) What can I do to make “name” love me?

Love spells, potions, candles, incantations and so forth are never genuine. You cannot force a person to love something or someone. You can make yourself a bit more attractive perhaps, but if you are not meant to be with someone, all the consultations with all psychics in the world would not make a difference. The frauds would try and sell you a portion, a spell or a candle, but honestly, you cannot make someone to love something that it is not in their nature to love.

Several times I have had to work with readings where I am dealing with a love struck individual. Not, so much love struck, but obsessed, infatuated and irrational. Many times the person believes that by being with the person whom they desire, though rarely know, that they will be whole. These people are often so unhappy with their own lives that they become obsessed with someone else, whom they deem to be in a better situation, more together, more attractive etc., than them. By identifying with the object of their desires, they see themselves elevated as well.

The problem with these situations is that were the people to get together with each other, almost invariably it will be a dysfunctional relationship. When a person has had their advances brushed aside, ignored and turned down, it is time to either look to another person for companionship or it is time to do some deep soul searching and make some changes within your own life.

Until we love ourselves and are comfortable within our own bodies, (and take care of them of course) it is not possible to truly find a loving relationship where both parties are on level ground and where the relationship is symbiotic.  If you feel the need to ask the above question, rephrase it as such … “Is there a way to make it so that “name” and I can have a healthy relationship together?” and be prepared for any response.

Believe it or not … I have had some people who I would consider stalker material, try and get a reading for the purpose of stalking their favorite stars, etc. I have no interest in being an enabler and when presented with such individuals I will try and help them with themselves or flat our refuse to do a reading for them.

4.) What are the winning lottery numbers?

Variations to the above question may involve gambling on sports, stocks and or any other type of get rich quick scheme. The problem with this question is that it upsets the natural balance of things and as such is simply not going to be answered. Many times there is simply no response to this question. In very rare cases you may get an answer though I am not so sure that I would trust the answer as it may be inaccurate and designed to simply teach you a lesson … to not ask these types of questions.


When thinking of questions to ask a psychic, it is important to think about the literal response to your question. Many times all that is required is a bit of rephrasing in order to obtain an answer to your question that is of some benefit.

For example: “Will I go to Europe this year?”

The response could be a simple yes or no, but that does not help you out too much … if your intent is to find out how to get to Europe.

Perhaps you should ask: “What can I do to make it to Europe this year?”

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March 2020