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The last two days, May 29th and May 30th were spent in Sacramento at the Red Lion Hotel. A conference put on by Blue Gaia and East West Books was being held over the weekend and I had been asked to attend as a speaker and to facilitate a workshop on animal communication. The conference was put on as a result of the increased number of children being born into this world who have very unique gifts and talents. As the conference was geared towards children, those in professions working with children and the parents of such children, I brought my family, Heidi my wife and my two girls, Madison and Maya.

There are many different types of “special” children, rainbow, crystal, star, indigo and so on. Our children easily fit into one or more of the various classifications and exhibit their own unique abilities. I will not go into detail at the moment concerning their gifts … but to say that they can both see spirit and communicate with animals as well as read minds. Heidi had a great time and has renewed her resolve to work with some of these “new” children. Both the kids made many new friends and had a wonderful time connecting with others who share their gifts and who have similar abilities. Sadly we were not able to attend the last day, Sunday, May 31st as I had to catch up on jewelry orders from

I greatly enjoyed the opening night and listened to several of the speakers. I went on a little before 9 PM and spoke for nearly thirty minutes. The lecture was well attended and I enjoyed myself. For the most part I simply told the story of how I came into my abilities and began communicating with living animals. I briefly mentioned my work with the other side and my involvement with law enforcementas a psychic detective. After my talk I stuck around for some sound healing with Kellyann Conway and Robin DeVol, which I greatly enjoyed.

The following day I had an Animal Communication workshop to put on for both children and adults. I planned on briefly describing my abilities and then talking about why talking with or at least communicating with our animals is important followed by a quick question and answer session. After my talk I planned on channeling a few cats and dogs who were connected to various members of the audience. Of course I had no prior knowledge of any of the animals and did not request people to let me know who they wished to connect with. After the talk and the question and answer segment were completed, I then began channeling various animals.

Before I began channeling, I requested the animals who had the greatest need to come through first so that they may get the help that they need. The first thing I “saw” was an emaciated horse. He was quite tall and was very skinny, he was dark with a white star that was longer than wider on his forehead. No one in the audience claimed him, unfazed I tried to dismiss him, he came to me a second time … once again no one claimed him … so I let him go. After my workshop was done, it dawned on me that if that was my horse and I was responsible for his condition, that there is no way that I would put my hand up in public taking responsibility for him. After the horse went unclaimed I once again looked to connect with an animal, expecting a cute furry cat or dog to come through I was surprised to see a roughly four foot long snake. I began describing the snake and he was claimed by a woman in the audience.

The snake was a nice enough fellow, though he told me that he had just shed and was having a problem where some of the skin had not come off properly on his tail. He also wanted more access to direct sun and had not adjusted well to the change in humidity following a recent move, he also requested another white mouse to eat. Following the snake I was ready for a dog … or cat and “saw” a lizard, followed by a green parrot and I seem to recall another lizard or some other unusual animal, I began to wonder if there wee any dogs or cats who might come through or if this was simply a day for “exotics”. At one point a small dog came through and then I connected with an elephant! Just when I thought I might see a cat I saw two nearly all white birds and then I saw a flock of them, something like 65-80 birds all near white. I almost thought seagulls, but then a woman in the audience raised her hand and told me that they were her Father’s birds. He had an aviary filled with roughly 60 breeding pairs and was looking to get rid of them. After doing what I could to help the animals coming through, we ran out of time and other then a one or two cats and dogs, I seem to recall channeling a “zoo” yesterday.

After my workshop we had lunch and networked/connected with several wonderful people and left for home in the late afternoon. Today I have spent the day making jewelry and putting up some more sea glass listings on eBay. Tomorrow I head down to Santa Cruz to lead a guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursion where I expect to find red and orange sea glass along with other rare colors such as cobalt blue and even perhaps some surf tumbled abalone shell pieces for an order that came in last week.

May 2020