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Yesterday I had a few very interesting things take place during a reading. I had been contacted with a request for a reading a few days ago and the woman who I had read for before, informed me that she had recently learned that she had some Native American or Indian blood in her. One of her relatives had after a glass or two of wine revealed a family secret that her great grandmother was half Native American. Now, the woman wanted to try and connect with the Indian who had been the father of one of her relatives.

With nothing more then a suggestion that he was Cherokee and knowing the name of the woman who had him as a father, I began the reading. After a little bit information began to trickle in. I connected with an American Indian who told me that he had been disowned by his own tribe. He told me that he had been “domesticated” that he did not wear traditional clothing but that he wore white mans clothing. He informed me that he could read and write and was very proud of that fact.

As the reading progressed, more and more details came forward. He told me that he was half French and that he was Osage. He told me that he was a traveling salesman, that he sold medicines and such and had a white partner who was an older man whom had taken him in at an early age. He told me that he met the woman in question when she was 16 and that he was not even aware of the fact that he had gotten her pregnant. He expressed great sorrow and sadness at not being a part of his daughters life and of not being aware of her existence until he had passed.

After a few more minutes with “Manny” the Osage Indian who claimed to be half French, I felt that he had provided all the information that he could that was relevant to the woman I was doing the reading for. I then “saw” a bulb, like that of a crocus or daffodil. I asked my client why was it that I saw a bulb? She told me that she had been given a tulip bulb a year ago and after rummaging through some drawers recently, that she had located it and had decided to place it in water. The tulip then told me that he was ready to be planted in soil and that the water he was in got too hot for him. She confirmed that he was on a window sill in direct sun and was in a clear vase that could easily overheat in the direct sunlight. The tulip then told me that there was a tub that was 8 inches tall and which had a cornflower blue color to it, he said that he wanted to be planted in it. The tulip then added that the build up of dead leaves in the tub was too deep and half of them should be removed. Everything was confirmed!

Just when I thought it was over … I “saw” some cuttings that she had taken, they seemed to be vines of some sort. I asked her about the cuttings she had and told me that she had some ivy cuttings that she had planted in her yard. The ivy then told me that they got no sun and were very unhappy. She confirmed that she had planted them alongside the garage where there was no sun … at any time of day. Then I “saw” a succulent. I asked her if she had a succulent, she said that she used to, but that it had died. She told me that an aloe vera plant that she once owned had died at her hands. The planet was left in direct sun for several days and when she saw that she had burned it a little bit, she had brought it inside and then she had over watered it, drowning it. The aloe plant was very unhappy and told me that he had once been quite large and had been thriving until she screwed up with him. The kicker was that the aloe vera plant had been the prior resident of the cornflower blue tub!

After the reading I was given several additional confirmations. It had been confirmed that the American Indian had gotten the relative pregnant when she was 16. The Osage had contact with the French right around the same time period that Manny would have been born. Traveling medicine salesmen or snake oil salesmen were often Native Americans. A photo of a family member who was a descendant from the woman who was Manny’s daughter bears a striking resemblance to the facial features one would tie to the Osage or other tribes even though he had always claimed that he was a Swede.

So … I guess it’s just a matter of time before I will be appearing at a nursery or garden center near you, providing readings on your plants. Plants are living things too and they too can communicate with us. Many years ago “The Secret Life of Plants” was published, it is still a good read. I have heard of gardens in places like Ireland that are cared for by intuitive gardners who “talk” with the plants to know how best to care for them.

May 2020