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Our animal companions, (pets) truly do become family members and when their time here in the physical form has come to an end and they have passed and joined your ancestors in death, the pain can be unbearable. The passing of a loved one often prompts one to explore what is beyond the veil of death and to seek answers from those who seem to know something about such matters and many turn to psychics and mediums for answers.

There is nothing wrong with seeking answers about the bigger questions in life, the problem is that many times you get different and conflicting information from multiple sources, when each source is posed with the same question. When seeking out answers remember that if someone can tell you what your pet is thinking in detail, that they had better be able to describe that animal and very specific details about them to verify their connection. If you are asked to provide a wealth of detail about your loved one in order to establish a connection, ask additional questions once a “connection” has been “established” in order to verify the strength of the connection. For example, I might ask questions such as favorite place to sleep, type of diet, what time of year they came into the family, and other very specific questions.

As a psychic medium and animal communicator who has provided thousands of connections over the past nine years, I would say that it is safe to say that I have a little bit of knowledge with regards to the big reincarnation question.

Every week I am asked about reincarnation and if and when a beloved animal companion will be returning to you during this lifetime in another body of the same species, or in some cases another species altogether, such as a dog coming back as a cat or a human.

Here is my response: No. Your animal will not be returning to you in another physical form during this present lifetime of yours, and here is why I know this.

  1. Every animal that I have reached out to who has passed has come through, very rarely it has taken more than one attempt to make contact, but in the vast majority of the cases I establish contact fairly quickly.
  2. Regardless of what time period your past animals are from, they are able to come through with ease.
  3. Your animals who have passed inform me that they will interact with new and or existing animals in your home, this can sometimes lead someone to believe that their past animal has returned as a new animal is exhibiting behaviours that similar or the same as your past animal. It is simply your past animal coaching your new animal, for fun and to demonstrate that they are still present in the home.
  4. I am yet to connect with a single animal that has revealed that they had come back from a previous pets body.
  5. I have never had a past animal tell me that they are coming back in another body.
  6. If they reincarnated as some would have us believe, our animals would suffer form the same thing that we do, no solid memories of our past lives and relationships, thus making reincarnation a pointless exercise.
  7. Our loved ones continue to watch over us in spirit and in reading after reading I have brought forth solid confirmations of our past animals and human companions watch our current day to day activities.
  8. In one reading a client had been informed by another “psychic” that her cat was going to come back to her at a local shelter and the charlatan went so far as to describe the physical appearance that the new body would look like. This was after she asked me where her cat was at the time of the reading, I saw the cat on a dresser in a box. It turns out the cats ashes were where I was describing.
  9. In my experience those who claim to know when and where your animal is going to reincarnate and come back to you are simply fleecing the grieving.
  10. It’s all about burden of proof. With only a name and species, I, or any other good psychic medium will describe in detail your animals physical appearance, breed, age, manner of passing, diet, favorite activities, how acquired, favorite person, favorite treats, personality, living arrangements, and much, much more.

Bottom line is I believe that our loved ones wait for us in spirit and that once we join them in spirit we can have full closure and bring everything full circle. After reuniting in spirit, I believe that our journey may continue together, provided that is what the two of you agree to.

No photos should be required to make a telepathic connection with a loved one in spirit or with a living animal.

Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

Charles Peden

Today while browsing online I ran across an article on CNN about Michael Jackson and “psychics”.  They interviewed two individuals, one a numerologist, a “soul intuitive”.  In the article a big deal is made about Michael Jackson and his connection to the number five, his being born into a “6 life path” as well as him being a person born with a “2” birthday. Having never studied numerology I was not able to really follow the information and other than being what appeared to be a bunch coincidences and linking his birthdate with numerical similarities with other celebrities it really seemed to be a non-story. No offense to anyone, but there are millions who have been born with a “2” birthday that the whole world does not love and want to be closer to due to their charisma etc.

Then the article focused on the “soul intuitive” who stated that he fully expects people to come forward claiming to have communicated with Jackson, but that any credible professional psychic or medium will not attempt to connect with Jackson for at least six months to a year and will only do so at the behest of a family member or an intimate friend of the singer.

I am not so sure that statement is entirely accurate. Sure, there are possibly many who in the days, weeks and months to come who will have claimed to have made an afterlife connection with the King of Pop. I believe that several will but … honestly if they proclaim it in a public fashion, they are most likely simply trying to get noticed and are using Michael Jackson in order to draw attention to themselves.  Many genuine psychics have enough common sense to keep tight lipped about visits from celebrities who have passed. There is nothing to be gained by claiming that you have connected with a famous person. Many will ridicule such statements and accuse you of trying to ride the coattails of the celebrity whom the “psychic” claims to have connected with.

The part of the statement that really is odd is the part about any credible professional waiting 6 months to a year before making any attempts to connect with Michael Jackson, and only doing so at the request of Michael’s family members or a close friend. I beg to differ … what if the person who has passed decides to visit someone whom he or she has never met physically, yet is able to connect with, due to that strangers unique abilities to connect with those in spirit. I am not saying that I have connected with Michael Jackson, and I am not saying that I haven’t, I just am wondering about the accuracy of such a broad and sweeping statement.

If a “psychic” does come out and make an announcement that they had a conversation with the ghost or spirit of Michael Jackson, and they are a credible psychic they should be only doing so at the request of the family or a close personal friend, I’ll grant that to some extent, but consider the following; If you were on a trip to a foreign land and you were forced to only issue communications through your family members left at home and only when they decided they wanted to connect with you, you may think that was a bit odd if not controlling. To say that 6-12 months must go by before you can attempt to connect with someone who has passed is not accurate. I have spoken with the spirits of individuals within moments of their death/passing. Many times I have connected with the spirits of animals and humans who had passed within a week or sooner. In all honesty, it is possible to connect with someone within seconds of their passing.

Something that used to surprise me, but that I now take in stride, is just how easy it is to connect with someone who has passed, even if you have no connection to them or anyone that they know for that matter.

For example; earlier this week I was browsing headlines on and came across a headline about a serial killer in SC. Now I did not read the article, I did not click on the link to the article and the link title did not reveal any details about the serial killer or his victims. I will allow that I briefly considered reading the article, but decided against it as I felt no need to do so. Later that evening I had the spirit of an older gentleman come and visit. At first I thought it was for my wife, one of her grandparents or a former friend from church. Nothing was clicking. He told us that he was a peach farmer and tried to let me know that everything was going to work it’s self out. I had no idea who he was or what he was talking about. The next day I decided to read the story about the serial killer in SC, turns out his first victim was a peach farmer. When the spirit of the peach farmer connected with me, he went so far as to tell me his last name which was Cash, I thought that he was making a reference to Johnny Cash and didn’t get the connection with his name until the following day. A few days later just as he had alluded to, the serial killer was shot dead by police.

People will have a much easier time believing the story above rather than a story about a celebrity visiting … whom I or anyone else around me for that matter has no physical connection to. Yet they can both take place just as easily.

In another example a client of mine whom has received several readings over the years from me once asked if a particular celebrity whom had passed recently was with them earlier that day. She told me that she had been thinking about the untimely passing this celebrity had suffered and how she felt her “presence” with her at that time. Having already made a connection with this particular celebrity I jokingly commented that if she had indeed connected with her earlier that day as she was claiming, she would be sure to let me know.

Right away I was greeted by the spirit of the celebrity in question and she told me that my client had connected with her while pulling weeds in the garden. I relayed the piece of information to my client and then went so far as to describe the pot that she was pulling weeds out of. Sure enough … my client had been “graced” by the presence of the spirit of the celebrity whom she had been a fan of. At this point the conversation opened up into a bit of a dialogue between fan and celebrity with myself relaying messages … pretty much just like any other reading.

If we are truly all connected and made of the same material and are all “one” as many claim we are, then it is easy to see how it is possible to connect with anyone who has passed.

We are pure electromagnetic energy. Just like magnets, we can “feel” each other without physically touching.

Once we have passed we are able “hear” and “feel” energy sent in our direction. Very much like calling someone who has caller ID and voicemail set up on their phone. If I call you, you can screen the call as it’s coming in and make a decision as to if you wish to answer the phone or let it go to voicemail. If it goes to voicemail it’s like me sending a request to a spirit and having to wait for them to get back to me. Even though they did not answer right away, they still know I attempted to connect with them, and my intent.

Over the years I have been visited by numerous celebrities and historically notable/famous individuals who have left the physical world behind. The vast number of the visits I do not keep a record of nor do I discuss with others. Many of the visits mean something to either myself or my family directly or the spirit coming through wishes to educate me concerning their life or some other detail such as to correct inaccurate records regarding them that have become “fact” in our history books.

One thing that I do agree with in the article is the assessment that most spirits of the departed wait at least 75 to 150 years before reincarnating, there is a very good reason for that. Most of us leave some kind of legacy behind on earth when we leave the physical world behind. We have businesses we founded, children and grandchildren we care about and perhaps our own spouses etc. who we have left behind. It only makes sense that you would want to keep an eye on things from the other side until those you really care about have joined you on the other side. When you factor in kids and grandkids etc., it usually works out to 75 -150 years until you may want to think about coming back to earth in a new body. The process of reincarnation involves a bit of “scrubbing” of your memory banks and you will also not be able to follow the lives of your loved ones who you left behind. It’s important to add that while on the other side, you are able to assist this side and so there is a great incentive to stay there until those you care about have joined you.

So … will Michael Jackson reincarnate within twenty years so that he can pick up where he left off? I greatly doubt it, though stranger things have happened.

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