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Not too long ago one of my favorite actresses appeared on one of the late shows on TV. I was interested to see what the interview was going to be like and was shocked and disappointed when she bombed during the interview. She clearly was far more looks then brains and it was almost painful to watch. My wife, Heidi gave me quite a bit of grief over it and I retorted that it was not always the case that looks can come with brains as demonstrated by Christina Applegate.

Imagine my surprise when she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman this last week. She came on to promote her show “Samantha Who”. During the interview Christina told Letterman that she had just purchased a beach house. Letterman asked Applegate how that was going for her and what was she doing? and Christina told him that she had gotten into sea glass hunting and collecting. She then coined a “new” phrase as far as I was concerned, for sea glass hunting, she called it “seaglunking“. Seaglunking, I had never heard that name for it before, I suspect that she has been doing a little Extreme Beach Combing of her own.

Christina Applegate had gone into great detail about how she enjoyed solving the New York Times crossword puzzles and based upon her discussion with David Letterman, it would be safe to assume that she is more then just good looks.

Here is a link to a clip of the interview, she talks about sea glass about 1:34 into the clip.

As I provide guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursions I am thinking about contacting her and asking her if she would like to go collecting with me some time. I will guarantee her a piece of red sea glass, just like I did on the Travel Channel’s show “Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter”. You can still catch the show in re-airings. I was on an episode entitled “Treasures of the Deep”.

May 2020