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Charles peden on Radio Alice 97.3 FM San Francisco

Charles Peden on Radio Alice 97.3 FM San Francisco

One of my favorite readings happened soon after one of my Radio appearances. I had been a guest on the “Sarah & No Name” morning show on Radio Alice 97.3 FM in San Francisco. As I was leaving the studios, my wife called to tell me that my email in box was overflowing with new emails. When I got home I had well over 75 new emails as a result of my on air appearance. One of the first readings I booked from those emails I will never forget.

A woman who had requested that I contact her Grandfather was listening intently as I told her that it would be just a moment before something started coming through. All of a sudden I blurted out “blue thunderbird” having no idea what that was a reference to, she jumped in and said that was his car. I then told her “well he just pulled up” and then she asked if Grandma was with him.

Blue Thunderbird

Blue Thunderbird

I telepathically relayed the question to him, to which he replied “What, that old bag … yea, she wit me.” Taken aback somewhat I then told him (once again telepathically) that I could not relay such a message as it simply was not polite. He then told me, “You listen here Sonny, you deliver the message as I intended … ya hear!”

Having no choice but to honor his wishes I then relayed the message exactly as he intended me to. Upon hearing his message, the woman proclaimed “Grandpa!” as if him pulling up in his blue Thunderbird was not enough!

It just goes to show you that our personalities remain intact even after leaving our physical body.

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