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Recently I was invited by Macy’s department stores to provide my services as a psychic medium at a special function of theirs. Macy’s was hosting an in-store after hours special spa event with makeovers, perfume and a little something extra for the mind, body and soul … a psychic reading. Customers who spent a certain minimum were offered the opportunity to get in line for a quick five to seven minute reading with me.

Many of those who came to see me had never been to a psychic before and had no idea what the procedure was. One of the most common questions I fielded was “what do you see around me?” Now, I could have tried to “simply see what is around them” but, that can take some time … and unless a particular spirit is jumping up and down to get my attention, they typically do not just simply have something around them. Trust me, if there is a message for you from spirit, I will do my best to relay it to you and they will do their best to get my attention.

When you come to see a psychic, usually (if the person has sought me out) they have a specific intent, mission … piece of information that they are attempting to connect with. There are many reasons for visiting a psychic such as:

  • A death in the family – looking for closure.
  • A desire to communicate with ones animals, past or present.
  • Seeking information concerning their life path and or career.
  • Looking for answers in respect to a relationship.
  • Seeking clarity and understanding associated with their own “psychic” experiences.
  • Looking for additional confirmation regarding events in your life.
  • A desire to review your past lives.
  • To remove or understand an unknown entity/ghost from your home or place of business.
  • An opportunity to connect with plant life and more …
  • Questions concerning an unsolved crime or missing person.
  • Locating a missing animal such as a dog or cat.
  • Garnering additional information so as to make a better informed decision regarding business.
  • Developing your own intuitive/psychic abilities.
  • Simply because it can be fun.
  • A desire to connect with ascended masters and or famous people from the past.
  • Locating missing objects such as a cellphone, keys, stolen car etc.
  • To gain a better understanding of matters related to health and well being.
  • For a better understanding of the universe and how we are all connected.
  • To reconnect with a long lost loved one, living or past.

Occasionally people will ask questions of psychics that if the psychic is ethical and any good at what they do – they will either ignore, redirect or avoid these types of questions:

  • What are the winning lottery numbers?
  • Any other type of gambling or betting related question, such as who will win the game?
  • Frequently when faced with major decisions such as purchasing/selling a home or stocks, the psychic may be only able to offer additional insights and not answer the question directly for you.
  • To seek out information concerning a person that they are not connected to such as a fan wishing to obtain information on a celebrity whom they are obsessed with … yes it’s happened.
  • Desiring to “make/force” someone to love you or do something else that is not in their nature and of their own free will.
  • Placing “spells or curses” on anyone or making and marketing “potions and or magic candles.” Nothing good can come from these things.
  • When will I or someone else die? Please don’t ask, trust me … you do not want to know, nor should you.

Questions that are difficult to work with, but do not fall into the above categories would be as follows:

  • What do you see around me?
  • When and will I meet the man/woman of my dreams?
  • Am I going to be a success?

As I am asked the above three questions with great frequency I will address each one individually.

The “What do you see around me?” question is simply not needed. If there is a spirit who wishes to relay a message to you, it will happen.

“When will I meet the man/woman of my dreams/” is one that is a bit trickier. If I were to tell you the time, date and location where you are going to meet them as well as what they look like etc., I would be shortchanging the natural process. Say you show up at the location on the date and time I mention and you spot the individual I have told you about, your expectations, nerves and such would most likely cause you to blow it. It is important that connecting with someone take place organically. When you are looking for a new relationship the first thing to ask yourself, is would you date yourself? Is there something about you that needs to be worked on such as your attitude, your expectations, or??? Potential mates are turned off by insecurity, depression, unhappiness, poor health and are attracted to confidence,  vitality, happiness and a zest for life. When looking to start a new relationship, ask yourself … are you happy with yourself? If not … work on your shortcomings so that you are happy with yourself and you will find that attracting a mate is much easier.

It is key that when thinking about the type of person that you wish to connect with that you use positive affirmations as opposed to negative ones. Do not ask the universe to send someone who does not physically abuse you as by emphasizing the abuse, you will drawn it towards you … like attracts like. When thinking of your ideal mate, say such things as they are compassionate, respectful, loving, tender and caring. Emphasize the qualities that you are attracted to and avoid mentioning the traits that you wish to avoid.

The “Am I going to be a success?” question is tricky too. I had an associate of mine who asked me if their business was going to be a success this year. Now I could tell them that “yes, it will do very well” to which they may respond to by not making an effort and expecting business to grow on it’s own. The converse is that if I tell you that the business will not do well, you will not make an effort since you believe that nothing that you do will make a difference. The correct way to ask this question is to say, “What can I do to ensure that this year is a successful one for my business. That is a question that I can work with.

Now, back to the whole thing about how asking a psychic a question is like searching for information via Google. When you do a Google search, your query is typically taken very literally and as the saying goes with computers, “garbage in garbage out.” meaning that your results are only as good as your query. If you seek information concerning specific areas of your life, it is easier if you gentle nudge me in that direction and then allow me to bring forward details confirming a connection with the information that you seek.

For example: If you wish to ask about your career, do not say “I work at company X and I want to know if I should take the transfer to city X?” By revealing the company you work at and the location that you may be transferring to, you have taken some of the tools out of my psychic tool chest. In order to answer your question and know that I am getting the right information it is helpful if I describe to you what it is that you do for a living and the location that the company is considering moving you to. So it works far better if you ask the question in this format: “I am curious as to if I should take the transfer that my job is offering me?” I will then describe your work to you as well as the location they are considering moving you to. By doing this, you know that I am tapping into the right information.

When asking to connect with animal or human loved ones in spirit, please remember that anyone you are connected to is fair game. Frequently the answers to your questions will come through when looking to connect with those you wish to query. For example: Recently while being interviewed for a news article the reporter asked me to connect with one of her animals that is still living with her. Instead I saw an animal that she was connected to, but had not asked about. As soon as I began to describe what I saw, she told me that it was not who she was looking to connect with. I then asked her if this was the first animal that she had as a child when she was between 6-7 and she immediately confirmed it. I then told her that all of her animals from childhood to present were going to connect with her before we would be able to connect with her current animal. Fifteen minutes later we had connected with five animals from her past to present. Once while being asked to connect with someone’s father in spirit, I made contact and began to describe who I saw, the features I described at first matched with their father, however the other details coming through did not. I then asked who the second person I was seeing was and the person I was doing the reading for said that it was their fathers brother. I then asked what their question for their father was and they said that they had wanted to ask if their father had met up with his brother on the other side. Obviously the answer was yes, as they were coming through simultaneously.

Bottom line is this:

  1. Psychics are not here to decide things for you, but to simply provide additional information and insights into your problems.
  2. We all have our own psychic abilities that we can tap into … frequently people visit a psychic to simply hear an additional confirmation of something that they already know.
  3. We are not here to make people do something that they normally would not do, such as “casting” love spells and the like.
  4. We are not all knowing and all seeing … we are people too, just like you.
  5. When we see a calamity or issue in the future … remember that you exercise free will and in many cases you have the ability to change the outcome.
  6. The future is not written in stone.
  7. It is possible that we may not be able to assist with some some of your concerns … after all when taking a test at school, do you get to use the teachers edition in order to steal the answers? Sometimes you simply have to “bite the bullet” and figure things out for yourself.
  8. There is no such thing as cursed money that needs to be cleansed … “magic” potions, get rich quick schemes, lottery numbers and gambling advice have no business mixing with a genuine and ethical psychic.
  9. If someone claims to talk to animals, they really do not need a photo to connect, as if they are communicating with an animal, that animal can describe what they look like to the psychic telepathically.
  10. Use common sense and good judgment. Beware of “free” readings where they tell you that you have an issue that is only going to be resolved through your bank account being utilized.
  11. Just like any other profession out there, there are frauds and con artist in the psychic profession, if something does not feel right, trust your instincts and avoid the person.

A general observation:

It seems to me that those who seek out “psychic abilities – powers” are not always in it for the right reasons. In my experience these abilities are not right for everyone, some may try and abuse them while others simply cannot handle the fact that once the abilities are developed that their own life is not always their own. Spirits can stop by unannounced, whenever they feel like it, both friendly ones and (if you have not protected yourself) not so friendly spirits. If you get into this type of work simply to make money and become famous, you are doing it for the wrong reasons and will eventually fail. Many of the best psychics out there came into their abilities later in life after they had already spent some time living a “normal” life. This seems to make them more grounded and respectful of their abilities as opposed to someone who desperately is trying to develop them for their own selfish reasons. Please note that I am not trying to dissuade people from developing their abilities and utilizing them, I am simply making a casual observation.

I was successful in life in many ways before reconnecting with my psychic abilities that I had suppressed as a child. As a family man with two wonderful daughters and a loving wife who had built our own business “By the Bay Treasures” (since sold off to another party) and having co-founded the “North American Sea Glass Association.” I was content and very happy with my life prior to reconnecting with my abilities. Frankly I would most likely still be running both the association and By the Bay Treasures were it not for my life suddenly changing in 2006 when the ghost of a young murder victim appeared to me and asked for help. Very soon after that I found that it was nearly impossible to run my business. I was conducting guided kayaking and beach combing tours and during these tours I would end up channeling loved ones and animals for my clients instead of focusing exclusively on sea glass. When I would answer the phone taking orders for drill bits and sea glass as well as booking tours, I would “see” things and occasionally would mention them to the potential customer. I recall the day that I decided that I had to sell my business and focus on my psychic abilities full time. A customer had called to order drill bits and during the call I saw a two year old girl that told me that she had been a still born and that she would come back to the women again and she would have another opportunity to give birth to her. As I described what I saw, the woman confirmed a female still born from two years prior and then the line went dead … I suppose that she was not ready to talk about it yet. This type of intrusion into my business became to common that I had no choice but to focus full time on my unique abilities as a psychic medium and animal communicator.

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Today while chatting with a potential client for a guided sea glass hunting and beach combing excursion, my “new” (four years now) line of work came up. She immediately said … “you should know who you are chatting with … as a psychic.” and I said, oh … you mean Satan? She said “Yes!” and I told her that she was way off. I told her that I speak with live animals and that I bring understanding, peace and closure to people. She once again said that Satan was the one I was chatting with. As I had a reading coming up for an individual missing a cat in Saudi Arabia, I was forced to cut our spirited conversation short. Here is what followed:

Sent: Mon, Mar 15, 2010 6:14 pm

sorry I made you so mad you had to hang up…I  am sure that nothing I could say could change your beliefs…just wanted to say that if I am wrong about what I believe…well then I am just wrong…but…if you’re wrong, you will have an eternity in Hell to think about it…be sure you’re right!

Truth be told, I didn’t hang up so much because I was mad, as I had a reading that I was scheduled to do and I was nearly out of time and exasperated. Right after getting off the phone with you I helped a woman in Saudi Arabia who needed to be connected with her missing cat. A wealth of details were brought through by the cat having the opportunity to communicate with me on a telepathic level. The cat informed me of the circumstances surrounding his disappearance as well as where his home had been. He told me where the vet was that he was last spotted at as well as describing the home that he now lives in, (he was taken in by another family.) Earlier this year I spent 11 days traveling through NC, FL and IL. I was flown to NC by the Humane Society, so that I could headline a fundraiser for them. I will be working with our local branch of the Humane Society this April for the third year in a row.

Everything I do brings peace, understanding, comfort and closure to people. Not once have I dealt with anything that wanted to hurt those who seek out my services. Having always been a very scientific minded person I have never fully embraced that which I did not have personal knowledge and independent verification of and frankly from where I stand, there is absolutely no way that the animals and the spirits that I am capable of communicating with, have proven to me in any way that they are the work of either demons or evil spirits. Oh sure, there are unhappy spirits out there, those who refuse to move on and stay behind as ghosts and they can be very scary to deal with … if you are not capable of seeing who they truly are. By and large what I deal with is live animal communication and communicating with the spirits of our loved ones.

In my personal experience, the universe is full of wonder and mystery we as a species and culture are constantly moving forward … what was once science fiction or heresy is now reality and fact. 500 years ago if I told you that the world was flat you would think that I was right, but if I said it was round, some might want to execute me. Televisions and cell phones are incredible in that information that is not visible to us, can be “grabbed out of thin air” and then turned into music, and moving images etc. … The more I look at things, the way that I (and I am far from being alone) see things, the “God” that is talked about in the Bible is one that I want nothing to do with, if indeed “Satan” is behind everything that I do and countless other animal communicators and psychics, do … the more and more it seems that the two had their names mixed up. The “God” in the Bible is full of vengeance and is one to be feared. What I do (through Satan (according to you)) is to bring peace, understanding, love and closure to people. (Please note this this is said tongue in cheek as I abhor all that is “evil” and supposedly supported and encourage by “Satan” (who I simply do not believe in.))

What I have are not beliefs, what I have is a deep understanding and peace and joy in all of creation through personal and independently verified experiences. When a recent friend passed, I did not mourn their death, rather I celebrated their life and enjoyed communicating with them on a regular basis since the day they passed. While helping a woman with the passing of her cat, I had the opportunity to actually see his soul leave his body and step onto my lap, (I saw the energy of his soul with my naked eye) where he picked up the conversation we had been having just prior to his passing, only moments before. Once he passed, he relayed a very moving story to me about how much he enjoyed a trip with his person where they had gone to Africa. The cat described the trip in great detail including the fact that he loved hunting the giant bugs in the yard at his persons parents house in South Africa. You simply cannot tell me that was “Satan.”

So … while you have a belief in Hell and that what I am doing is simply the “devils” work, I have peace in the knowledge that what I do is genuine and is for the greater good. I assist animals that have no other way of voicing their concerns, I have saved some animals lives with the information provided by them to me. While working as a psychic detective I have led the authorities to the bodies of the missing as well as located missing animals. The information I provide is not vague, typically it is very detailed and direct, such as street names, descriptions of the physical surroundings, information that only the family or authorities can confirm and much more such as dates, ages, descriptions of individuals involved and even names. I also would like to add that no two spirits or animals feel the same, they are all at slightly different frequencies, so that makes it harder to “buy” that it’s all the work of one entity or a group of similar entities, i.e. demons.
I have been wanting to address this very issue for awhile in my blog and so I will be posting this reply to your email.
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One last thought … I do not threaten one with an eternity of burning in hell for not believing what I believe and know to be true … chew on that?
Why should “God” resort to fear … (to keep people in line) if one is a God of love?



The last two days, May 29th and May 30th were spent in Sacramento at the Red Lion Hotel. A conference put on by Blue Gaia and East West Books was being held over the weekend and I had been asked to attend as a speaker and to facilitate a workshop on animal communication. The conference was put on as a result of the increased number of children being born into this world who have very unique gifts and talents. As the conference was geared towards children, those in professions working with children and the parents of such children, I brought my family, Heidi my wife and my two girls, Madison and Maya.

There are many different types of “special” children, rainbow, crystal, star, indigo and so on. Our children easily fit into one or more of the various classifications and exhibit their own unique abilities. I will not go into detail at the moment concerning their gifts … but to say that they can both see spirit and communicate with animals as well as read minds. Heidi had a great time and has renewed her resolve to work with some of these “new” children. Both the kids made many new friends and had a wonderful time connecting with others who share their gifts and who have similar abilities. Sadly we were not able to attend the last day, Sunday, May 31st as I had to catch up on jewelry orders from

I greatly enjoyed the opening night and listened to several of the speakers. I went on a little before 9 PM and spoke for nearly thirty minutes. The lecture was well attended and I enjoyed myself. For the most part I simply told the story of how I came into my abilities and began communicating with living animals. I briefly mentioned my work with the other side and my involvement with law enforcementas a psychic detective. After my talk I stuck around for some sound healing with Kellyann Conway and Robin DeVol, which I greatly enjoyed.

The following day I had an Animal Communication workshop to put on for both children and adults. I planned on briefly describing my abilities and then talking about why talking with or at least communicating with our animals is important followed by a quick question and answer session. After my talk I planned on channeling a few cats and dogs who were connected to various members of the audience. Of course I had no prior knowledge of any of the animals and did not request people to let me know who they wished to connect with. After the talk and the question and answer segment were completed, I then began channeling various animals.

Before I began channeling, I requested the animals who had the greatest need to come through first so that they may get the help that they need. The first thing I “saw” was an emaciated horse. He was quite tall and was very skinny, he was dark with a white star that was longer than wider on his forehead. No one in the audience claimed him, unfazed I tried to dismiss him, he came to me a second time … once again no one claimed him … so I let him go. After my workshop was done, it dawned on me that if that was my horse and I was responsible for his condition, that there is no way that I would put my hand up in public taking responsibility for him. After the horse went unclaimed I once again looked to connect with an animal, expecting a cute furry cat or dog to come through I was surprised to see a roughly four foot long snake. I began describing the snake and he was claimed by a woman in the audience.

The snake was a nice enough fellow, though he told me that he had just shed and was having a problem where some of the skin had not come off properly on his tail. He also wanted more access to direct sun and had not adjusted well to the change in humidity following a recent move, he also requested another white mouse to eat. Following the snake I was ready for a dog … or cat and “saw” a lizard, followed by a green parrot and I seem to recall another lizard or some other unusual animal, I began to wonder if there wee any dogs or cats who might come through or if this was simply a day for “exotics”. At one point a small dog came through and then I connected with an elephant! Just when I thought I might see a cat I saw two nearly all white birds and then I saw a flock of them, something like 65-80 birds all near white. I almost thought seagulls, but then a woman in the audience raised her hand and told me that they were her Father’s birds. He had an aviary filled with roughly 60 breeding pairs and was looking to get rid of them. After doing what I could to help the animals coming through, we ran out of time and other then a one or two cats and dogs, I seem to recall channeling a “zoo” yesterday.

After my workshop we had lunch and networked/connected with several wonderful people and left for home in the late afternoon. Today I have spent the day making jewelry and putting up some more sea glass listings on eBay. Tomorrow I head down to Santa Cruz to lead a guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursion where I expect to find red and orange sea glass along with other rare colors such as cobalt blue and even perhaps some surf tumbled abalone shell pieces for an order that came in last week.

Not long ago I was finishing up a reading and as I was wrapping up the reading an image jumped into my min. The image was that of a tulip bulb and what followed next was my connecting with three plants. I had no prior knowledge of these plants and I was not asked about them, rather they “butted” into the conversation/reading on their own. They had specific needs that needed to be addressed and they made if very clear to me, what those needs were.

After that experience which I wrote about in more detail in a prior posting, I had another plant communication take place just last night while I was visiting my sister in Santa Cruz. I spent about 6 hours in the surf this morning from dawn until noon collecting sea glass near Santa Cruz, CA. I was suited up in a wetsuit and was collecting in the surf. It was pretty gnarly with some big sets rolling in and I took a football sized rock to the left shin which even through a wetsuit managed to cut me a bit while delivering a bruise and scar which I expect will remain for several years if not longer. Now back to the part about talking to plants.

As we were sitting around eating some pizza I told my sister about my recent experience with talking to plants. I told her about the reading I had done over the phone where I had the plants “butt” in so that they could get some help.  She then asked if I could chat with her plants. My sister has a sizable garden and many fruit trees as well as other plants, in short she could in a pinch run a nursery. I am not familiar with her garden and I have not really looked at this years plantings and so I stepped outside, faced the garden and said the following.

Alright, here’s the deal … if there are any plants that need to have their needs addressed and they are not being taken care of properly, please speak up in the following order. Will those with the greatest need, with a solution that will provide the maximum benefit, please step forward, with the plant with the next greatest need coming in after that one and so forth. It was dark outside at this time and then I walked back inside and sat down in the living room. I then saw something in my mind.

The image I was viewing was that of a tuber and I was told that a tuber was being attacked by moles and gophers, he told me that all the other plants were protected and that it really was a crime that he was the one who needed the protection the most below ground, but had none. I then asked if she had a tuber, at first she said no, then I asked if she had a potato plant, she then remembered it and confirmed that everyone else was either in raised beds with chicken wire underneath, or they were planted in a pot. The solution was simply, he suggested digging him up and laying some chicken wire under him and around him, he even informed her how many inches in diameter to dig around him and the depth.

As soon as the potato plant was done, I saw a large pot that had a blue glaze on it. I asked my sister if she had a pot like that and she said yes. We went outside and I saw the pot at the edge of the front porch, it had a jasmine plant growing in it. I then saw the problem, a small weed was growing in the pot next to the base of the jasmine plant. My sister went to pull the weed and what appeared to be a small weed ended up having a massive root system that nearly picked up half the soil in the pot when it was pulled, no wonder the jasmine was unhappy.

The last one that connected with me was a sunflower plant. I saw a sunflower quite clearly and asked my sister if she had one, at first she said no. Then she remembered that little sunflower she had brought home from work a few days ago. She had put it into the trunk of the car and forgotten about it for two days, then she dropped in by the fence near the driveway in a cracked pot. The sunflower demanded a new pot, he said that his pot dried out too quickly and that he was not in a good place. Well, that one was an easy fix, a new pot and placing him in the garden and not by the dumpster and driveway.

I will soon be adding a new page to www.charlespeden.comone on plant communication and I will start offering plant whispering services as soon as the ink is dry on this posting.

Here is an interesting little note regarding a recent reading…

While connecting with the ex-boyfriend of a woman who I was doing a reading for, an interesting thing happened. She had asked him some questions about things that he had said to her while they were dating and he was still alive, (he committed suicide). He kept avoiding answering the questions and would chat about other things, but not what she wanted answers to. Finally he got fed up and said the following. Your asking about our past relationship is much like going to to your auto mechanic and discussing what repairs are needed for your vehicle, even though the vehicle has just been repossessed. In other words, it’s over, time to move on, I am dead and you are still there, forget about me and please move on. Ouch … cold and from the other side.

Not too long ago one of my favorite actresses appeared on one of the late shows on TV. I was interested to see what the interview was going to be like and was shocked and disappointed when she bombed during the interview. She clearly was far more looks then brains and it was almost painful to watch. My wife, Heidi gave me quite a bit of grief over it and I retorted that it was not always the case that looks can come with brains as demonstrated by Christina Applegate.

Imagine my surprise when she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman this last week. She came on to promote her show “Samantha Who”. During the interview Christina told Letterman that she had just purchased a beach house. Letterman asked Applegate how that was going for her and what was she doing? and Christina told him that she had gotten into sea glass hunting and collecting. She then coined a “new” phrase as far as I was concerned, for sea glass hunting, she called it “seaglunking“. Seaglunking, I had never heard that name for it before, I suspect that she has been doing a little Extreme Beach Combing of her own.

Christina Applegate had gone into great detail about how she enjoyed solving the New York Times crossword puzzles and based upon her discussion with David Letterman, it would be safe to assume that she is more then just good looks.

Here is a link to a clip of the interview, she talks about sea glass about 1:34 into the clip.

As I provide guided sea glass hunting beach combing excursions I am thinking about contacting her and asking her if she would like to go collecting with me some time. I will guarantee her a piece of red sea glass, just like I did on the Travel Channel’s show “Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter”. You can still catch the show in re-airings. I was on an episode entitled “Treasures of the Deep”.

The last few days have been so busy that I really haven’t had much time to write. Several interesting readings have taken place and that’s not all. Our printer that had been in faithful service for several years finally bit the dust. Sunday I purchased the Brother MFC-490CW Printer/Copier/Fax and more … so far so good. The rest of Sunday was spent working on printing and shipping sea glass and drill bit orders for my By the Bay Treasures business.

Monday began with a reading at 10:00 AM. I finished up my shipping duties and prepared for the reading I was about to do. The very first thing that came to me, was that the reading was about a relationship. I placed my call at five till and began by describing how I work as a psychic medium. I then told her to not tell me anything about what the reading was for, I then told her that I believed the intent was to provide information regarding a relationship. She immediately said “no” that is not it. I then proceeded to provide an example of how if you wanted me to look at your career, that it was best for you to simply say “Take a look at my career.” instead of “I work for (company x) and want to know if I will be receiving the transfer I applied for?”

She then told me that was exactly what she wanted me to take a look at. So then I asked her if she had a connection to the automotive field. She said “No.” I then asked  if she had a connection to automotive loans. She once again said “No.” I then asked if she was somehow connected to the legal field when it came to contracts, loans etc., once again I was met with a “No.” At this point I informed her that there was something there and that we would come back to it at a later time.

I then pin pointed the type of work she was involved in and after being able to shed light on her present occupation and what her true calling and passion were, she asked me another question. This time she wanted to know if I could connect with living people and read them. Now, in some cases I simply will not read the person, but each situation is different and in this one I immediately saw that the person I was being asked about was furious.

There was a direct connection between the person she was asking about and a failed relationship and an issue with loan documents for a vehicle. It all came together at the end.

Skull found after asking for a sign.

Skull found after asking for a sign.

During the early part of my awakening I was torn between continuing to dedicate all of my energy towards my “day job” or if I was meant to work with spirit. One day while kayaking I was meditating on my dilemma and asked for a sign. I made a formal request that a sign be shown to me. I lay back on my kayak and allowed the currents to carry me. After some time I drifted near shore and pulled my kayak up onto the bank of the strait I was kayaking in.

For a “day job” I collect sea glass and sell it all over the world, Kayaking for me is part of “work” and it is one of the ways that I access difficult to access beaches so that I may find the really good stuff. As I pulled my kayak up onto the shoreline and set it down I noticed a skull sitting amongst the rocks along the high tide line. It was fired clay, handmade and looked as though it could have been a gear shift on a muscle car, though it had no threads etc., I picked it up and brought it home. To me it really was a very clear sign that I was supposed to work with the spirits of those who are no longer with us.

Purple Martin

Purple Martin

On another occasion I was in the middle of performing a reading when the person I was doing the reading for asked me if her father was trying to connect with her. He had passed several years prior and she wanted to see a sign that he was watching out for her from the other side. I then asked her about three different types of birds. She said that she had seen them over the past several months. I then asked if her father was a bird watcher and she said “no” she was the bird watcher. Then I had to tell her about a little thing that happened just before the reading.

I had gone to the corner store and while walking on the sidewalk on my return to my home, I saw a little bird. The bird, a Martin, flew up in the air and then landed about eight feet ahead of me on the sidewalk. He would stand there looking at me and not moving as I approached him, just as I was almost upon him, he would jump up in the air and fly another eight feet out in front of me and land on the sidewalk again. He did this three times, the last time he stood his ground as I came within a foot of him and as I passed him I looked back and asked him if he wanted something from me. He told me that he had already delivered the message, thinking it was odd, but not too weird I continued home and then began the reading.

After sharing the story about the Martin the woman exclaimed that it must have been a sign since her father was from Martinsville. Sure enough he had employed a Martin to let her know that he was watching out for her. So now when she is bird watching and witnesses an odd behaviour, she knows that the odds are that her father is sending her a message that he is there and watching over her.

Signs come in many forms, and sometimes they are quite obscure. In order to make sense of them, sometimes it is helpful to inform the spirit whom you wish to receive a sign from, how you would like to get a sign from them, that way there is less guess work involved and it makes it easier for both parties involved.

August 2020