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Time after time I am asked, “How do you receive the information that comes through during a reading?”

There really is no simple response to this question. Think about this for a moment, out of your graduating class in high school, how many of them had the exact same set of talents? None of them, some of them could sing while others simply could not carry a tune to save their lives. Some of us are very expressive with our hands, almost to the point that if you cuffed their wrists that they would be silenced. Some individuals can work analytical problems and higher math in their minds with ease yet run from anything without structure, such as emotion and expressive art. When connecting with those on the other side or with living animals and other spirits/entities, I find that they employ a multitude of methods by which to communicate and that no two are exactly alike.  However, with all that being said, there are some generalizations that can be made, but before we get into that let me describe how some information came through the other evening while in the middle of a reading.

I was visiting a friend and they confessed to me that they had some problems with their landlord. They asked me if I would be so kind to look into it for them on a psychic level. I agreed that they could benefit from such a consultation and requested a friend of theirs who used to be a landlord themselves to come through and offer up some advice regarding the matter of the hostile/difficult landlord.

Some of the problems she had involved the fruit trees on the property she was renting from him and how recently while entertaining some guests in the backyard, he had showed up unannounced and then proceeded to harvest all of the fruit from one of the trees in the yard. When my friend asked him what he was doing, the landlord replied that the plums were expensive in the store and remarked on how much he was saving while harvesting the plums. My friend than commented that they were not the landlords since they paid rent there, to which the landlord then replied, that was exactly why the plums were his.

After doing some repair work some of the buildings including the main house by himself, my friend found their rent raised, since the place was “nicer” now. In another instance of “landlords behaving badly” the landlord simply refused to eradicate an established an recognized hazard. In short he is the landlord from hell, there is more … but that is not why I am writing this. Back to the reading.

Within moments of requesting a connection with the spirit who I thought could offer some insight into the matter, I was greeted by their presence. I quickly established their identity and then went on to ask what advice if any did they have regarding the matter of the “slumlord”.

I sat down on the couch in the middle of the living room. It was towards the later part of the day, warm light was streaming into the room through the windows and the front door which was open. As I was sitting there I heard in my mind, “purple … lavender … purple … lavender …” I was a bit confused. What did this have to do with the question that was being asked?

I tried to shake the thoughts, pretty soon it was almost as if someone were in my head and yelling it at me, “purple … lavender … purple … lavender …” I looked around the room to see if perhaps I was simply dealing with something that was purple and or lavender in color in front of me. Right in front of me was a purplish cloth that covered the television, some of the cushions were lavender … this was not helping. I thought about it for a second and remembered to take to heart what I tell so many people as I begin a reading with them. “During the course of the reading I may bring forward details that may not make sense at the moment, however when I see something and bring it through, there is nearly always a reason.” So … I said to my friend, “This may sound odd to you, but do the colors purple and lavender mean anything to you?” He replied that it really did not make any sense.

As soon as I had voiced the colors purple and lavender, the voice in my head stopped and suddenly I “saw” a large woman dressed in billowing clothes who had what appeared to be a turban wrapped around her head. I was told that this person was related to the colors I had just brought forward and that my friend knew who they were … and that this person was alive.

Once I was complete with my description of the woman I remarked that she reminded me of a Russian nesting doll. I remarked that she was a bit overweight and at once my friend began to connect with who I was referring to. I added that this individual was someone they knew through work. My friend then informed me that they knew exactly who I was describing and that this person was a street person who was known to be crazy. This person who was wrapped in purple and lavender, liked those colors intensely and had a tendency to layer themselves in clothing of that color, including wrapping cloth of that color around their head like a turban. My friend remarked that now that he thought about it, there were several similarities between his landlord and the crazy person. This crazy person would stop in my friends store and after panhandling all day would come in to make a purchase. If they had more than enough money once they got to the register, they would refuse their change, however if they did not have enough money they would turn around and panhandle everyone in line. And for something as petty as a box of tea, or some other item that was not really a high priority for someone in their position. In a word … crazy.

It was crystal clear at this point as to what the message was. Essentially the letter that my friend was considering writing to their landlord was going to fall on deaf ears, you can’t reason with crazy. All the attempts in the world to reason with this person or to ply them with logic would have no effect. I was then told that the only way to deal with this landlord issue was to bring out an inspector, have them survey the situation and record all of the violations, contact the housing authorities and then have them contact the landlord with a repair or else type of action and or for them to follow through with whatever legal actions they could take to force the landlord to honor the law. A person in the legal field whom my friend was aware of was suggested in order to get the ball rolling and it was left at that.

So … nearly every time something that seems to be completely off topic or in no way related to the question that has been asked begins to come through, it is best to follow that thread and see where it leads, it just may be very relevant to the matter at hand.

Below are some of the common methods of communication which I receive from animals, spirits and those on the other side … as well as some general notes regarding communication at a psychic or telepathic level.

1.) A spirit or animal who has a distinct personality will tend to reflect what they were/are like in life when in communication with them.

If the individual I am in communication with happened to be a very private and quiet person, expect that to come through during the reading, if they were loud and boisterous expect that to come through as well. Most people are in tune enough with their animals to know which one is outgoing and demanding of attention and which of their animals are quiet and tend to keep to themselves, just as with human spirits, the same is true of animals, they tend to reveal their personality during a reading.

2.) Physical sensations such as trauma from an injury, or surgery often come through as does the way that someone passed. This is felt by myself as a physical discomfort and on occasion the sensation of discomfort or pain can be pretty intense. I will feel the location where the cancer, trauma or other injury took place within my own body.

Once I was chatting with a woman who wanted me to peek at her husbands health. As I took a look, I saw an incident that had occurred in his mid-twenties. He had been skiing and while coming down the mountain, he collided with a boulder the size of a Volkswagon bug. He shattered his right leg right in the middle of the thigh, his femur was broken and I could “see” bone sticking out of it, I could also “see” a scar the size of a football on his thigh, which is how it healed. The woman confirmed everything, including the location on the mountain that the incident had occurred. I then “saw” her husband climbing a ladder and falling, during the fall he re-injured his leg, she also confirmed that detail. I should note that her husband was at work during this reading.

During another reading I was communicating with a cat. A woman had stopped into a shop that I was doing readings at and she wanted to check in with one of her cats who had passed. I made a very quick connection with the cat and suddenly I felt as though I was being struck in the head repeatedly, I also had trouble breathing, it was too hot. I was told that it was intentional, yet accidental and that there was a door involved, I also felt dizzy like I was being tumbled. As it turns out the woman was checking on her cat whom she had accidently killed after starting the dryer with him inside. Thankfully the cat understood that it was an accident and even though he had suffered a horrific death, he did not blame his former person.

3.) Audible voices in the room that I am doing the reading in have occurred several times. It is usually very clear and unmistakable. Sometimes it is a whisper other times it may be spoken and sometimes it can be shouting or screams. I prefer to hear voices form the other side in my head, it’s easier for me and less startling. In most of the incidents where someone has connected with me audibly, it has been out of desperation on the part of the spirit, meaning that their other attempts to get through may have been ignored.

Once while preparing a plate of food at dinner time for my wife, I heard a clearly audible voice say to me that she did not have enough sauce on her spaghetti. There have been several other occasions, but by and large, this is an anomaly.

4.) Voices in your head. I “hear” a lot of my communications with spirits in this fashion. It’s really just simple telepathy. I prefer this method to hearing them audibly and to me it’s easier that talking back audibly. The “voices” tend to sound like my voice to some extent, or my thoughts, but when I check to see if they were generated by me, I am told that they are communications from spirits and or animals.

This is my normal operating mode. Pure telepathy, mind to spirit communication, very clean, no static and very easy to understand. The connection is so clear that the spirits can “talk” to me in a foreign language and I will be able to “parrot” the message to the person receiving the reading. This is how I channel languages other than English and even if I have never heard nor spoken that language before, it makes little or no difference in my ability to bring it through clearly.

Once while in the middle of a reading I had a spirit approach me, inform me that they wished to speak to the individual whom I was doing the reading for and then proceed to inform me that they were only going to speak in Hebrew and not in English. I do not speak Hebrew, have very rarely heard it spoken and know nothing about the language. I then informed my client that there was a spirit who had just contacted me, told me that they wished to speak to him, but that they would only speak in hebrew, to which my client replied “oh … I expected that, please relay their message.” I then proceeded to simply “parrot” the words as they were relayed to me and my client understood the message perfectly.

5.) Still images and “video clips”. Many times I feel as though I am watching a slide show or home video clips. I will “see” these images either in my mind or in front of me, even with my eyes open. This method of communication is employed in nearly every reading I do.

Recently I was talking with a dog and early in the conversation I mentioned that if there were any issues regarding a particular topic or subject that I would be shown a red flag. I did not mean this in a literal sense, simply that I would be forced to discuss an issue within a particular area of the dogs life, if there was a problem. Pretty soon we got to chatting about the fiancee and my client wanted to know how her dogs felt about him. I was then treated to a blast of tobacco smoke and told by the dog that she did not enjoy being handled after he smoked. I was shown a red squarish object which I thought was a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. I asked if the fiancee smoked Marlboros and was told that he smoked cigars. Later another question came up where I was shown another red squarish object, this time I realized that the dog had taken me quite literally when i mentioned red flags and was now busy showing them to me each time there was an issue with something.

6.) Emotions … happiness, sadness, loneliness , confusion, elation, sorrow, anger, fear, lust, hate, pity … and everything else you can think of.  When I pick up the emotions of a spirit or animal, it can be from a past incident, or they can even show me their present emotional state. This feels to some extent, as though they are my emotions, it is just impossible though to find a trigger within myself that set them off, as in they are coming from a foreign source. It’s sort of like getting a shot of adrenaline or something else that effects your emotional state, yet not being able to identify the trigger for the emotion within your own body.

I was doing a reading for a person in Las Vegas, he had been held up at gunpoint within the last week and had been told that unless he came up with the money that he owned the person holding the gun, that he would not live much longer. He did not even need to tell me what had gone down in the parking garage earlier that week. I was able to experience the whole incident as though it was happening to me. I could even feel the gun being stuck into my chest just below my heart. I could also feel the adrenaline and fear shooting through his body. I described to a “t” what had occurred and how it had left him shaken up … even I was a bit shaken up, for me it felt as though it had been me being threatened.

Another time I was channeling the deceased boyfriend of a friend of my wife’s. She had come over to our home and we were all sitting in the living room. After a few minutes I made a connection with her boyfriend who had passed. After connecting with him I found myself staring at her feet with lust. Now I am not a “foot” guy, but this person appeared to be. It got so bad that my wife asked me what was going on and I confessed that I wanted nothing more than to massage her friends feet, but that the desire was not mine. Talk about a difficult situation, fortunately my wife was understanding.

7.) Visions, they are different from simply being shown images in my mind. These are things that I can “see” with the naked eye and appear to some extent to be solid matter.

Some time ago I was chatting about the Challenger space shuttle disaster and how if would be “cool” to connect with some of the crew members. This thought occurred to me after I had a visit from one of the astronauts who was on board the space shuttle Columbia. A client of mine had a connection to someone at NASA who was one of the “trouble shooters” who was called in after the launch crew noticed a piece of foam strike the wing of the shuttle on take off. Anyways, to make a long story short, so … we were chatting about the shuttle disasters and my wife commented that she would love to connect with someone from the Challenger disaster.  Within minutes I “saw” a spirit come over to where my wife was sitting, suddenly she began to shake. She looked at me and and asked what was going on. I could tell that she was connecting with an astronaut since all of a sudden it appeared to me that everything on the dining room table was floating about a foot and a half above the table, kind of like seeing double. I watched as the spirit stepped back from my wife and remarked to my wife that it had just stopped. She confirmed that the shaking had stopped. She had been experiencing the feeling of take off in a space shuttle.

8.) Physical apparitions such as ghosts. Occasionally I will see full on ghosts or other objects with the naked eye, as if they are really in the room with me. This is how everything began for me.

While walking down the hallway from the bathroom into the living room back in 2006 I felt someone behind me. I had been brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed along with my wife, it was 10:30 at night and I was a complete skeptic of all things psychic and paranormal. As I turned I saw a woman behind me, as clear as can be. She did appear somewhat ethereal, yet solid at the same time. I did a double take and she was still there, only now she was walking towards me. She entered the small of my back and then exited my chest. This is what sparked my “awakening”. When she appeared I could see every detail of her appearance with the naked eye, she continued to live with us for three months after I first became aware of her, until she crossed over with the help of another psychic and myself.

9.) Simply knowing. This one is somewhat hard to explain. Think about this for a moment … take two different gaming systems, one uses discs with data that needs to be loaded into the system before you can play the game, other gaming systems use a cartridge that as soon as it’s plugged in the game is up and running with no loading time.

Sometimes information is suddenly “there” and I have no recollection of having received it through any of the above means, it’s just a pure data download that is nearly instantaneous.

10.) Music and videos. Many times spirits will utilize music and or music videos to relay messages.

Presently I am friends with the spirit of an individual who enjoys music greatly. They have an extensive knowledge and love of music, one day while chatting with them, they suggested that I play a little game with them. We have Comcast on demand and as a result have access to hundreds of music videos at a moments notice. I was told to ask a question of them and that they would select a music video that had the answer to the question either in the lyrics or in the images within the video. After playing this game a few times and discovering that they were very good at selecting music videos with just the right content so as to reply to the question asked of them, they raised the bar a bit and requested that those asking the question do it telepathically so as to eliminate the chance that I was trying to pick the videos based upon the questions being asked.

This is a very effective technique for communication. One of my favorites was after making contact with Harvey Milk’s spirit I had the song “Stepping Stone” by Duffy in my head. I asked if it was a message and I was told “sort of” After pulling up the song on Youtube, I was unsure if it was even from him or if I was mistaken, as I was watching the video and listening to the song, none of it made any sense to me. I began to turn my head away from the screen and then my wife remarked that she thought she knew what it was all about. There about three fourths of the way through the video was Duffy walking down the street with a big milk bottle in hand that she was drinking from. I asked if that was it and he said “yes, pretty funny uh?”

In closing I have found that there are many ways to communicate, not every technique is used by every spirit and animal out there, but by and large most animals and spirits will employ several of the methods outlined above. One technique I failed to mention in here is dream time, as we can receive communications from our loved ones on the other side through dreams … that however is a subject for another day.

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On Monday the 10th of December, 2007 I booked a reading for the coming Friday on the 14th scheduled to take place at 1pm. The week leading up to the reading I had several other readings and each of them went very well. Thanks to my connection with spirit, I was dropping names, getting dates, ages, descriptions and much more and was feeling very confident going into this particular reading.

About 10 minutes prior to the reading I prepared for the reading by playing a singing bowl and lighting a candle and

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

meditating. At 5 minutes prior to 1pm I called my appointment and began the reading. She asked about connecting with two individuals who had passed. I wrote down their names and then invited them to join us for a conversation. I then saw a boy who appeared to be about 10 years old and I saw a man who looked to be in his early 40s. He had a wiry dark brown nearly black beard that was pretty full and was wearing a jumpsuit or uniform, maybe overalls or something. The lady whom I was giving the reading to, indicated that I was not even close to describing anyone whom she knew.

Then I heard the name Virginia and asked her if it meant anything to her, she asked, “the place or the name?” I replied, “the place“ and once again she said that she had no idea of what I was talking about. Then I saw a lovely tree lined lane with very large trees, they were hardwoods of some type, maybe maples or something similar. I asked if a tree lined lane meant anything to her, once again the answer was no. Then I asked her about a gray cross. She said that she had crosses in her home, but none of them were gray and the one I saw was large enough to be a grave marker. Then I felt as though my left arm was being amputated and asked her about that, again she said that it meant nothing to her.

Tree Lined Lane

Tree Lined Lane

At this point I felt as though I was being blocked. I had gone all week, make that over two years at the time of this reading and not once had a reading gone that poorly for me. We were a half hour into the reading that had been scheduled for an hour in duration. I asked her if she had made anybody on the other side mad, again she said no. It was almost as if I had a shroud on my head when it came to attempting to connect with any information concerning her reading. I did have information come through, but I had no idea what it was connected to. 

I informed her that I would be willing to reschedule the reading and that there would be no fee for the aborted reading that had just transpired. We agreed to a new time and date and ended the call. Then I received an email the email contained no other information then the following.

Field Hospital - Savage Station

Field Hospital - Savage Station

I have a question. My house has paranormal activity. Sometimes it’s very disconcerting while other times I just accept it. It’s sometimes upsetting for my children. I feel the need to know what and who it is and why there are here. Are you able to help with this?



I wrote her back that I would be happy to assist her and then provided her my contact information. A few minutes passed and she called me and I proceeded to tell her how I had just crossed someone earlier that week and that this was an area that I was familiar with. Then all of a sudden I saw a battle raging right where she was living. I then told her that I saw her in the middle of a battlefield and she surprised me by replying that she already knew that. I then asked her where she lived and she said that she lived in Virginia! I then asked her about a tree lined lane and sure enough she lives on one, as I had described in my prior reading. I asked about a gray cross and it turns out that they live right next to an old cemetery and they also live next to where there used to be a field hospital during the civil war.

I then described the boy to her and she confirmed that she had a 10 year old son and he fit the description I had just provided, and not only that, but the man whom I had described in the prior reading fit the description of the ghost in the closet of the boys room. Just that week the boy had described the soldier in his room that would stare at him out of curiosity from time to time in such vivid detail that it had her convinced that she was not crazy since her son was seeing and feeling things as well.

I picked up on dozens of ghosts and spirits in the vicinity as many battles had been fought there. Thousands had fought and died there and many had stayed behind, a sentinel, a witness and a reminder of the atrocities that had taken place on that soil, not so many years before. And then I saw him, there was one soul among the others who was far darker and more enveloped in sorrow then any I had seen in some time. The lady with the home on the battlefield confirmed that both her and her son had felt his presence and though not frightening, it was unsettling.

Civil War Soldiers

Civil War Soldiers

As I spoke with him, he opened up and revealed what had made him so dark. He had been a field surgeon and he felt responsible for the lives that had been lost under his watch. He had performed dozens upon dozens of amputations if not hundreds of them and many of the soldiers died while under his knife. He was having trouble facing the families of those who had perished under his care. I helped him to understand that he was still loved and that his family was waiting for him on the other side. Several family members of soldiers whom had died under his knife came through and let him know that they felt no ill will towards him. After it became clear to him as to how it was time to move on, he quickly rejoined his family by crossing over.

Right after the crossing, I called back my reading from before and informed her of what had just transpired.

Skull found after asking for a sign.

Skull found after asking for a sign.

During the early part of my awakening I was torn between continuing to dedicate all of my energy towards my “day job” or if I was meant to work with spirit. One day while kayaking I was meditating on my dilemma and asked for a sign. I made a formal request that a sign be shown to me. I lay back on my kayak and allowed the currents to carry me. After some time I drifted near shore and pulled my kayak up onto the bank of the strait I was kayaking in.

For a “day job” I collect sea glass and sell it all over the world, Kayaking for me is part of “work” and it is one of the ways that I access difficult to access beaches so that I may find the really good stuff. As I pulled my kayak up onto the shoreline and set it down I noticed a skull sitting amongst the rocks along the high tide line. It was fired clay, handmade and looked as though it could have been a gear shift on a muscle car, though it had no threads etc., I picked it up and brought it home. To me it really was a very clear sign that I was supposed to work with the spirits of those who are no longer with us.

Purple Martin

Purple Martin

On another occasion I was in the middle of performing a reading when the person I was doing the reading for asked me if her father was trying to connect with her. He had passed several years prior and she wanted to see a sign that he was watching out for her from the other side. I then asked her about three different types of birds. She said that she had seen them over the past several months. I then asked if her father was a bird watcher and she said “no” she was the bird watcher. Then I had to tell her about a little thing that happened just before the reading.

I had gone to the corner store and while walking on the sidewalk on my return to my home, I saw a little bird. The bird, a Martin, flew up in the air and then landed about eight feet ahead of me on the sidewalk. He would stand there looking at me and not moving as I approached him, just as I was almost upon him, he would jump up in the air and fly another eight feet out in front of me and land on the sidewalk again. He did this three times, the last time he stood his ground as I came within a foot of him and as I passed him I looked back and asked him if he wanted something from me. He told me that he had already delivered the message, thinking it was odd, but not too weird I continued home and then began the reading.

After sharing the story about the Martin the woman exclaimed that it must have been a sign since her father was from Martinsville. Sure enough he had employed a Martin to let her know that he was watching out for her. So now when she is bird watching and witnesses an odd behaviour, she knows that the odds are that her father is sending her a message that he is there and watching over her.

Signs come in many forms, and sometimes they are quite obscure. In order to make sense of them, sometimes it is helpful to inform the spirit whom you wish to receive a sign from, how you would like to get a sign from them, that way there is less guess work involved and it makes it easier for both parties involved.

Not too long ago a new means of communication was revealed to me. The messages began with me getting a song stuck in my head, sometimes the songs were not familiar to me, though through a little research, with me searching on-line for songs that matched the lyrics that I had streaming into my head I would be able to identify them. One of the first such communications went something like this…

My wife and I were about to settle down for an evening on the couch watching a movie and spending some quality time together. We had a few movies to choose from and since I did not feel like watching a dud, I logged onto in order to check out the movies reviews. While reading the reviews I saw an ad for “Milk” starring Sean Penn. It said that it was an Oscar worthy performance. I clicked on the link and checked out the rest of the reviews for the film, they were by and large quite favorable. Thinking no more of it, I logged off the computer and sat down to watch the film we had decided upon.

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk

Later that evening I began to pick up on a song running through my mind. I thought that it sounded like Duffy, though I was not familiar with the particular song. By the time the movie was over we were tired and retired for the evening. The following day I was very busy with work and ignored the song that was stuck in my mind. By the time the third day rolled around I had to do something about it. I sat down and asked if the song was a message from a spirit. I got a yes well, kind of … in response and then after a few seconds I realized who our guest was. It was Harvey Milk. I was somewhat surprised since I had not asked to connect with him, he had appeared on his own free will.

My wife and I logged on to and looked up all of the Duffy videos. It took about three tries before we found the right song. The song was “Stepping Stone”. The lyrics made no sense and I was baffled. The video appeared to be unrelated as well and I thought that perhaps I had it all wrong. As I turned away from the screen and took my eyes off of the music video, my wife called my attention back to the screen.

There, about three quarters of the way through the video was a sequence at 2:15 into it, with Duffy walking down an empty sidewalk. All you see near her is the walls of the building next to her and the empty street and sidewalk. And then I saw it, in her hand is a large jug of milk and she is strolling down the sidewalk taking swigs of milk. At that moment I began laughing … what a sense of humor.

Now spirits know that I am used to using music and music videos as a means of communicating and so it happens with some frequency. It is quite entertaining and a lot of fun.

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